Top things to do in Nassau and Paradise Island

Planning a visit to the Bahamas? Below is a list of the top best things to do in Nassau and Paradise Island

Why you could fall in love with Iceland

Summary of my top 7 reasons why I love Iceland and the reasons why you should also visit the Nordic island nation

Key Main Attractions of Kew Gardens in London

Royal Botanical Kew Gardens in London, main attractions and why you should visit too

Cardiff, the Welsh Barbados and Caerphilly Castle

Exploring the capital of Wales - Cardiff, Barrybados and the medieval castle of Caerphilly

Skiing in Dobrinishte and Pirin's Bezbog Chalet in Bulgaria

Bezbog Chalet in Pirin Mountain offers spectacular magical views and one of the best value for money skiing in Europe.

The mystic Kukeri dance and Surva Festival in Bulgaria

The ancient Bulgarian Surva tradition, is kept alive through the mystical Kukeri dance who chase away the evil spirits.

City of Love: Romantic weekend in Paris

A Romantic weekend trip to the city city of love and special moments to last a lifetime. Paris truly lives up to its city of love renome.

7 reasons to add Blenheim Palace to your list of British weekend destinations

Experience the best of British in Blenheim Palace! 7 compelling reasons to add this national and Unesco heritage site you your list of UK weekend destinations

6 Top Free Things to do in Monaco

A visit to Monaco and a list of the top free things to do in the sovereign principality.

Positano - lush views in the centre of the Amalfi Coast

Located in the centre of the Amalfi Coast, Positano offers lush views and may well conquer your heart!

A guide to planning your perfect vacay in 7 steps

Follow some of the travel planning steps we use. These may help you experience a great trip from start to finish!

Ravello one of the most precious gemstones in the crown of Campania, the Amalfi Coast, and Italy

Head to charming Ravello for some of the best views around the Amalfi Coast, Campania and Italy!

Salerno and Paestum: A trip around Campania and the Amalfi Coast

We started our trip to Campania and the Amalfi coast by visiting the picturesque town of Salerno and the historical city of Paestum

Accommodation made easy - grab your perfect deal!

Budget accommodation, direct holiday homes, boutique hotels or free accommodation? Look no further as this guide will help you secure a great deal!

Couples Summer Escape to Thassos Island!

Thassos is an Aegean Sea Island located near Kavala and the port of Keramoti. Clean beaches crystal clear water and historical sites - the island offers all this and much more!

Top things to bring on a long flight

A selection of our favourite long flight items

A week in the French Alps, Les 3 Vallees

Les 3 Vallees, French Alps. A truly magical place and the biggest winter sports resort in the world.

Struma River Rafting, Bulgaria

The sixth longest river in Bulgaria offers a great chance for you to be introduced to the wild and thrilling sport that rafting is!

Top things to do in Reykjavik

A selection of the top 8 things I did whilst in the Icelandic capital. All can be done in a single day!

Top things to do in Southern Iceland

A list of the top 5 things to do in the Southern part of Iceland

The Golden Circle of Iceland

Iceland is green and Greenland is 80% ice- an important distinction before we dive into it! The most badass and outcast Vikings settled here around the 10th century. Perhaps for a reason, as this land abundant of renewable energy a source (the island is volcanically active) is fairly isolated and there is plenty of space to get up to all sorts of mischief.

Les 3 Vallees, French Alps

A fantastic place for a ski holiday!

The best way to visit Rome on a Budget

3 days in the Italian capital on less than €50 euro a day!

Top 8 things to do in Riga, Latvia’s capital

Latvia’s Riga is a Baltic amber stone! Below you can learn more about my experience in the city and the top things to do.

A tour of the Vatican

Exploring the Vatican, an experience that won’t be forgotten

Making the most out of a weekend in Rome

Top things to see in the Eternal City of Rome over a weekend.

Bansko, winter sports at their best and much more

The best winter sports resort in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula


A top destination for those seeking to have fun. Visited by different people of all ages, genders, sex orientations and backgrounds, Mykonos is a gem and one of Europe’s hottest places to be.

5 Reasons to travel more

Travelling can benefit you in numerous ways. Below we have outlined 5 reasons that we believe are key and inspire us to do more.

No matter what your end destination is, it is always good to be learning whilst on the move

Very often I ask myself, if I had the choice of waking up with one super power tomorrow morning, what would I choose? I would like to be able to read and comprehend a book by just a single touch. A day in the library would help me accumulate a vast amount of knowledge, the possibilities are endless….

Weekend in Kavala

A weekend in Kavala that gave us all we needed to relax. A club at the waterfront of the city, a lot of great moments and a relaxing day at the beach after