Top 5 reasons to visit Albania

I recently made my first ever trip to Albania and with that I can now say that I've been to all of the Balkan countries, something that's been on my list for quite a while now. But that's the matter of the topic, the matter of the topic is that I discovered another summer vacation jewel that every and each one of us should visit at least once in their lifetime.

I can give you many reasons why you should visit Albania, but I'll limit myself to a top five list, so I don't get to bore you guys and also leave you with some things that will surprise you when you visit. And so, my list is as follows.

The beaches - of course, the beaches are the first thing on my list and I doubt that would surprise anyone. If you have ever looked at a map you would know that all of Albania's seaside is at Ionian sea, the same one that I'm crazy about and the same one I've visited all of the Greek islands and not only the island but a big part of the continental seaside as well. The turquoise colored water is something very typical for Ionian sea and can also be found in Albania. Not only that but the beaches are with this similar to sand structured thing, extermely white, looking more like crushed marble, but at the same time very pleasent on the feet when you step on it.

Albanian beach

The glamorous cities - a landscape similar as the ones in Positano and Monaco are something very common on Albanias seaside. Lovely cities situated low on the ground near the sea with high heels behind them and amazing green mountains. Saranda is one of the biggest cities I visited on my trip (second picture) and really gave me that feeling like I'm in Monaco, I can't really explain this you just have to feel it!


The food - fresh and tasty seafood can be found on every corner along the seaside of the Balkan country. Wild fish and sea eel are the must try dishes if you ever visit Albania. And also there are several deserts that caught our eyes, tongues actully. Trileche is a tasty milky desert that I can't compare to anything else I've tried and I highly recommend it, you won't regret it!

Grilled eel in Albania

The prices - Albania is relatively underdeveloped country and her glory days are yet to come. Until that happens and easier access is provided to the country, the prices for the tourists would stay low as they are. For a dinner for two with appetizer, main course and desert you'll get away with under 30 euro, which is something that can't really happened in any other country in Europe, not to mention if you are on a resort.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites - there are several UNESCO sites that deserve to be visited on your trip to Albania, like Butrint - originated as an ancient Greek city late rules by the Romans or the Ancient City of Apollonia, which has joined UNESCO several years ago and even The Castle of Bashtova situated in the capital of Albania, Tirana. Many more UNESCO sites can be found in a small area and every each one of them deserves to be visited and if you're looking for something to fill your trip's spare time, that's the one.

Unesco world heritage in Albania

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