Top things to do in Nassau and Paradise Island

It is a crisp autumnal morning. The falling leaves of the trees remind us of the now past summer months under the shy sight of the not so sunny sky. London is now preparing for a cold winter embrace.

Yet, some 4000 miles away to the west, the archipelagic state of the Bahamas, its people and visitors enjoy a more or less constant 28 C. The clear blue waters and stunning beaches make the Bahamas look like a piece of heaven.

View from my hotel room

However, these gifts of nature can also become a curse as the geographical locations of the Bahamas are a pre-disposition for deadly hurricane encounters such as Dorian. Sadly, this natural phenomenon claimed a number of lives in 2019 and caused significant damage to homes, public and private infrastructure.

Luckily, Nassau and Paradise Island were largely unaffected by Dorian. This is why, I feel extremely eager to share my list of top best things to do in Nassau and Paradise Island.

Visit the John Watling's distillery

Having had the chance to explore Paradise Island and the island of New Providence, without a doubt and an honest heart I can say that here at the John Watling's Distillery you will have the opportunity to taste the best Pina Coladas. You will have the opportunity to take a tour around the distillery and learn some interesting facts about the 3 types of locally produced and aged rum. To my great surprise the distillery produces vodka too! The colours of the estate and a cold fresh Pina Colada in your hand will surely give you a warm and authentic Bahamian welcome!

John Watling house

If you are a James Bond fan, then this is the perfect place to be as you will be able to easily recognise scenes from Casino Royal, where the John Watling's distillery is depicted as the embassy of Nambutu.

John Watling barrels

tasting localCheers to Bahama

The Graycliff Cigar Company

A couple of Pina Coladas later and a wider smile, it is time to make your way to the Graycliff Cigar Company with a wide smile on your face. This beautiful mansion boasts great historical credentials and is only a few hundred meters from the John Watling's distillery. Here you will have the fantastic opportunity to take a cigar rolling lesson or just observe the great skill and process involved. If you are looking for a truly authentic Bahamian present then a bottle of rum and locally rolled cigar should surely be on your list.

Cigars in Bahama

Vladi Teodosiev enjoying a drink and cigar

Head down to the Straw Market

Now that we are cigar rolling experts (or not quite), it is time to head down to the main street and visit the Straw Market. Here you will be able to find wild shirt colours and locally carved wooden miniatures or statues. The colours and variety are slightly overwhelming so you will need some time for your brain to process all. As soon as you stop by any of the market stands a range of offers will start pouring in.

Visit the Pirate's Museum

Now that you have a taste of modern Nassau it seems like a great idea to go back in time and visit Nassau’s very own Pirate Museum. Here you will be able to learn interesting facts about the historical heritage of the Bahamas and famous pirates including captain Kid and the Blackbeard. The museum and exhibitions are quite interactive and learning a few interesting facts is a great way to get a feel for the Bahamas. One such interesting fact is that there has been only one recorded case of someone being made to walk the plank.

Hire a Boat and go Fishing

Fishing in the Bahamas was one of the greatest activities I was able to experience and I would do it again during my next visit! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the freshest fish and chips you can get!

Fishing in the bahamas

Fishing in the the BahamasFishing in the the Bahamas

 Visit Atlantis Hotel

A visit to the Atlantis l certainly makes it as part of this list. The hotel offers some fantastic facilities including a huge indoor aquarium as well as an adventure water park with numerous slides and opportunities for fun! You can even meet some new marine friends at the Dolphin Cay!

Bahamas aerieal viewBahamas aerieal view

Hire Jet Ski

Make some waves and enjoy some time on a jet ski. This will surely boost your adrenaline up and improve your mood! Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski?

Jet ski in Bahamas


Diving is a great way for you to gain a different perspective of the Bahamas. This island nation is home to approximately 700 islands and absolutely phenomenal diving sites. If the jet ski didn’t pump your adrenaline up, perhaps a shark encounter or even feeding one may well do so!


Golf in The Bahamas is absolutely breathtaking! Nassau and Paradise Island host two stunning golf courses that challenge both the novice and professional golfers. These one of a kind courses border shoulder to shoulder with the clear-blue Atlantic waters, making golfers from all over the world yearn for a chance to play here.

Capture those instagrammable moments

Nassau and Paradise island are extremely photogenic and instagrammable. Indeed, this is a dream destination for many. Making the most of a visit to the Bahams certainly includes capturing those phenomenal moments through the lens of your camera. Below are a few additional drone shots and short video for you to enjoy! This article wouldn't have been possible without my DSLR and action camera too- be sure to check them out!

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