Ljubljana, Slovenia

I’m obsessed with the idea of visiting all European capitals and gradually progress towards achieving this goal. So far, I’ve been to Belgrade, Athens, Budapest, Vienne, Rome, Zagreb and now I’m glad to share that I have booked a trip to the capital of Slovenia during the Easter holidays.

I’ve heard a lot of positive stories from people who have been to Ljubljana and consequently it was not a surprise that I suddenly decided to check out www.booking.com , where I found some really great offers. Without any further hesitation, I chose a hotel and started planning my trip.

I was feeling sleepy, but the thought of my new upcoming trip re-invigorated my powers and suddenly I felt fresh and extremely excited. I am planning on spending two nights in Ljubljana and include a vist to Venice, since it’s only 240kms away.

Thinking of a smart and optimal way to organise my trip, I chose the following list of landmarks and places to see.

St. Nicholas' Cathedral – or known as Ljubljana's Cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the centre of the city. This 18th century church was originally built in Gothic style, but later replaced by a Baroque building. It’s easy to spot in the city mainly due to its green dome and towers.  Adjacent to the cathedral is the town hall and the central market of the city.

saint Nicholas Cathedral

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation – located on the Prešeren Square and only a short walk from St. Nicholas Cathedral, this red colour building is symbolises the Franciscan monastic order and is another recognizable building in the city that really stands out.  Originally built in the 16th century in a Baroque style, but was later redesigned after an earthquake cracked many of the original frescos.

Franciscan Church of the Annunciation

Frankly, I don’t think there are that many landmarks in Slovenia’s capital and my plan is to see a fair bit on Friday afternoon and shortly after arrival. The next day will be dedicated to exploring the streets of the city, a couple of museums, a nice park and the zoo.

National museum Slovenia and Slovenian Museum of Natural History –are both located in the same building. This is the perfect place to get a quick history lesson. As far as I understand, here one can explore an extensive collection of archaeological artefacts, old coins and banknotes. This will be fun as I used to collect old coins when I was kid. And I am sure that my cousin will be excited to see some of the photos since we shared this hobby, so I hope that taking photos is allowed.

Museum of Contemporary Art – this is the central museum, which houses the Slovenian art gallery and the square and area around it will be a good place to mingle with the creative bunch.

Tivoli City Park – I’ve seen some pictures of the park and it looks like a fantastic place to take a stroll and appreciate the green and well landscaped scenery. The birds will be cheerfully chirping, welcoming the arrival of spring.

Zoo Ljubjana –I’m planning on finishing the day with a visit of the local zoo. The last time, I’ve been to a zoo was in 2013 in Vienna, so really looking forward to it.

On the last day, we will be heading to Venice and hope to be able to visit a good number of the places outlined in my Italy Road Trip post. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there will be enough time to take a gondola ride this time, but really looking forward to doing so after Easter, which is when the actual road trip will be.

Gondola in Venice

Ljubljana looking forward to meeting you for the first time this Easter! I do adhere to the idea that we travel not to escape life, but for life not escape us and I hope that you too share our passion for traveling.


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