Balchik palace and botanical garden

Situated in the Bulgarian Black sea resort of Balchik (about 30 kilometers from the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna) the official name of the complex is the Quiet Nest Palace, but better known as Balchik Palace. It is a wonderful place to spend the day, enjoy some breathtaking views among the gardens, which are as beautiful as the ones in the Palace of Versailles. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Emmanuel Macron was welcomed here during his latest Bulgarian visit.

Balchik PalaceBalchik Palace

My trip was to Balchik was spontaneous. I was in the city of Varna and had a plan to visit the most eastern point of Bulgaria, cape Kaliakra. On the way back I noticed the sign Balchik Palace and without any hesitations I detoured from my original trip destination and went to visit the palace. This was my first visit to the Balchik sea resort, but I had heard that it was a really beautiful resort and from what I saw, I can also now confirm this. Hopefully, some day I will come here on a longer vacation.

Unfortunately, this time I was in a hurry so my only stop had to be the palace itself. I was slightly concerned about parking since it is high season in August, but so it happens that right before the palace there are several options for parking, so if you visit by car worry not about that. The ticket price for the palace and garden comes to about 7 euro in total.

The moment you enter the palace you'll be stunned by the views. The botanical garden accommodates 2000 plant species belonging to 85 families and 200 genera- a real kingdom of plants!

Balchik Palace

The palace is really big, taking an area of 65,000 square meters. In order to walk through it and explore all I would suggest that you pland at least 3 hours. Take your time to enjoy the views as it is worth it. The top level of the palace is 17 meters above sea level and offfers nice view over the sea.

view from Balchik Palace

As you walk along the alleys you will pass through 14 buildings. There is a chapel, few villas and a restaurant. With the tickets you have you will also receive a map to guide your walk. The villas are very beautiful, but my favourite thing in the palace was the nympheum.

Balchik palace nympheumBalchik palace nympheum

Located on the bottom level, I so much liked this place that just sat there to relax for about 15-20 minutes. The view from inside it is as beautiful as the one from the outside.

Most of the villas offer spectacular sea views. I can imagine myself living in one of those, too bad it can't happen!

the road of villa moara

Walking among the villas there is a waterfall and a little bridge that allows you to cross to get to the other side of the alley.

Balchik palace waterfall

Spending a few hours in the palace and surrounding gardens was very relaxing. It helped me prepare for the  long drive back home. First things first of course, after that walk in the palace I was getting slightly hungry, so I found a nice little restaurant to have a meal, a cold drink and relax little more before the journey ahead and my next trip destination. See you soon!

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