Cape Kaliakra, Bulgaria's easternmost point

A cape Kaliakra visit has been on my bucket list for quite a while and finally I had the chance to fulfill that trip. The main reason for the delay in fullfiling this desired location of mine is that I live on the opposite side of  Bulgaria and it takes a good 8 hours drive to get to Varna city and even another hour and half more to reach Kaliakra. Hence, I combined my cape Kaliakra visit with a one night stay in Varna to do a visit to Balchik palace and botanical garden and Aladzha monastery as well.

Varna, the city which is also known as the sea capital of Bulgaria is the third largest city in Bulgaria in terms of population, which by latest estimates exceeds 350 000 people. Varna's port is key to Bulgaria's economy and the city itself is a popular summer tourist destination and there also several resorts located south and north of the big City. A good idea if you ever visit Varna is to take a walk in the sea Garden, visit the dolphinarium and also take a walk in the city centre.

dolphinarium in Varna

Cape Kaliakra offers amazing views over the Black sea thatpleasantly surprised me. I have visited many resorts, mostly in the southern part of Bulgaria, but what I saw here really impressed me, I have need before seen similar landscapes in Bulgaria.

Cape KaliakraThe easternmost part ot Bulgaria

As you can see on above photos we are located at around 10 meters above sea level and the views from the cliffs are amazing. A set of stairs can take you down to the sea, but I honestly don’t see why you would do that instead of enjoyng the view from the top. The beautiful views are always on high ground.

If you can’t get enough of them like couldn't, you can have lunch at the restaurant situated on the actual cape itself and observe the calm dance of the sea whilst enjoying your meal.

Pavel Angelov on Cape Kaliakra

On the cape itself there are some ancient ruins from what was once, back in centuries, a medieval fortress. Time has taken its toll, but walking around you can try and imagine the once functional fortress. If you are not feeling that creative, simply visit the museum where you can see how it once looked like and explore some old artefacts including gold coins and other remnants that were found here.

fortress cape Kaliakrafortress cape Kaliakra

A visit to cape Kaliakra should only take a couple of hours, but you can always have another great experience on the way back by visiting another amazing place in Bulgaria, Balchik palace and botanical garden. Those two sites combined make an amazing day trip experience that you should have on your mind if you ever visit Varna city and wish to explore around.

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