Bulgarian monasteries

There are many monasteries in Bulgaria that deserve to have a glimpse at. Most of them are small and not that famous and there are of course some that are well known around the world and many people visit them. Like Rila Monastery for example. In this post I will talk about some other monasteries in Bulgaria, so if you ever come to visit us have in mind this place, if you are into religion that is.


The birthplace of the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, Rupite. There is a small monastery there that carries here name. It’s located about 180 kilometers south from Sofia. Easy to get to by car. Many people say that there is some kind of energy in Rupite. It’s a nice place to visit, there is a small park inside the monastery walls, there are some benches you can just sit down, enjoy the view and take a rest. It’s also a nice historical place to visit.

Rozhen monastery

Rupite monastery

The biggest monastery in Pirin mountain, located really close to Rupite is another must see monastery. It is one of the few medieval Bulgarian monasteries well preserved until today. The monastery is home to famous Bulgarian revolutionary Yane Sandanski's grave. From the monastery you can also have a good look at Melnik pyramids. And also to mention that Melnik is well known location for breeding red wine so if you decide to sit and eat there you should have some red wine to drink, you won’t be disappointed.

Bachkovo monastery

Rozhen monastery

A little bit further from our capital Sofia, about 190 kilometers southeast, and located in a different mountain, is a monastery that is also on the must see list (according to us). Really easy to get to from Plovdiv, about 25-30 kilometers. The monastery is an important monument of Christian architecture and one of the largest and oldest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Europe.

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha monastery

Situated on no more than 20 kilometers away from Varna city and about 5 kilometers from Golden Sands resort, Aladzha monastery is a spectacular monastery that’s built in the rocks. In the early 1927, the monastery was a public historical monument and after 1968 it is an architectural cultural monument. The monastery caves were hewn into a 25-m high vertical karst cliff near the upper edge of the Franga plateau on several levels. Inside the complex there are two small catacombs on just few minutes walking distance from the monastery.

Troyan Monastery

Ranked the third largest monastery of Bulgaria, the monastery of the Dormition of the most holy Mother of God Is better known as Troyan Monastery. Situated near Oreshtak, a village about 10 kilometers away from Troyan in Lovech province is another popular tourist destination. The monastery is home of the holy icons in Bulgarian Orthodoxy since the 17th century.

Bulgaria holds a lot of history and many more monasteries. Those are the ones that are most famous and most visited by tourists. Some of them are located near one another, so it’s possible to visit them one trip, but some are really far and you need to have a day specially for them. All of the above monasteries are in perfect conditions and offer beautiful landscape views as you can see from our pictures. Visiting a monastery can loads you up positively with energy and it’s a perfect way of spending a sunny weekend.

Zemen Monastery

Zemen Monastery

Situated in about 70 kilometers from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Zemen monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery western Bulgaria. The monastery was established in the 11th century. It's a consists of a small church and several other buildings behind its walls. Unfortunately, time hasn't been treating it well and it is currently uninhabited, but the church remains a monument of culture. It's a good idea for a day trip if you ever in Sofia city.

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