Skiing in Dobrinishte and Pirin's Bezbog Chalet in Bulgaria

Many have heard of Bansko in Bulgaria, perhaps the resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo too. However, few may have heard of a small village named Dobrinishte located in Pirin Mountain and close proximity to Bansko.

As a matter of fact, this was my first Dobrinishte visit and more specifically I spent 3 nights high up in the mountain and Bezbog Chalet. Located at approximately 2236m, Bezbog Chalet meaning “Place without a God” or “No God’s Land” offers some of the most spectacular and magical views I have witnessed and one unforgettable experience. 

Bezbog Chalet

Pirin Mountain can be harsh, but rewarding

The original hut of Bezbog had to be re-erected as an avalanche levelled the building back in 1971. Most of the remnants are now underwater in the nearby lake. Luckily there were no casualties. At the time of the incident, the hut manager was descending down to the village of Dobrinishte. Upon his return the surprise was huge as there was no trace of the hut and all was covered in snow.

Vladimir Teodosiev at Bezbog mountVladimir Teodosiev at Bezbog mount

Vladimir Teodosiev at Bezbog mount

After taking a short walk across the lake you will easily find the location of the old hut. In my case this was also a great opportunity to participate in the crafting of an igloo!

Iglu on Bezbog mount

Spending some time high up in the mountain was exactly what I needed to refresh my body and mind. The rejuvenating effect of the mountain is in full force today! A good example of how rewarding Pirin can be is this night scene and sunrise below.

Night in Pirin mountain

Sunrise in Pirin mountain

Great Value

The first thing that comes to my mind is the unbelievable price of the 4 night package, which included a lift pass, breakfast and dinner.  The package was priced at 144 Bulgarian leva, which is approximately £65 or $91. Yes, you have read this correctly! This is certainly my cheapest ski experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed!

Sunrise on Bezbog, Pirin

Bezbog, Pirin mountain

Of course you get what you pay and there certainly were a couple of caveats, like the fact that we were able to have a hot shower after 17.00pm and that breakfast and dinner are served on a shift basis. However, good news is that there is a renovated section within the chalet that offers some extra luxuries and amenities to make your stay more comfortable. Bear this in mind if you plan to visit with your lady as this will most likely save you a lot of drama.

The chairlift is quite old as well. Getting your luggage up to the chalet is an adventure on its own, so do come with extra patience and remember to focus on the positives. Grab your camera and capture some memorable shots!

Another good thing to mention is that you can also rent ski equipment at the most ridiculous price ever ranging from 5 BGN to 15 BGN or the equivalent of 2 GBP – 6 GBP or 3 USD – 10 USD.

Bezbog lift

Bezbog lift

Skiing and Snowboarding Conditions

Dobrinishte’s ski tracks have a length of around 7km, the longest run of which is around 5km. There are tracks suitable for both beginners and those who are experienced.  Few also choose to enjoy off-piste riding through the beautiful forests or even from Bezbog summit at 2645m up. Enquiring about the snow levels is a good idea since you are relying solely on Mother Nature as artificial snow guns are not available. In summer Dobrinishte offers great trekking opportunities and a whole new perspective over the mighty Pirin Mountain.

Skiing in Bezbog

A blend of characters

The people working at the chalet are quite the characters! Bai Georgi, the chalet manager is harsh, but just! He seems like a man that has seen things in life, some of which may have been dark! The weather conditions in the mountain and inaccessibility can be a real test even to those used to millitary grade conditions. If you don’t know much Bulgarian and you are not accompanied by someone who does, then do learn a couple of words to allow you basic communication.

Would I visit again? Absolutely yes! Bezbog and mighty Pirin I am eagerly looking forward to our next adventure together!

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