Boat trip to Virgin Gorda

During our stay at Cooper island, we spent a day on a boat travelling to another one of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda. The island is situated north-west of Cooper island, and it's the third-largest of the BVI, and has a population of almost 4000 people.

The journey took us about an hour sailing with a sailboat to get to Virgin Gorda (the approximate distance according to google is 17 kilometers) and maybe if we had a steady wind we could have reached in a lot less time, but in our case we had to struggle a little bit.

Virgin Gorda is famous for its unusual geologic formation known as "The Baths", which are located on the southern end of the island and they make Virgin Gorda one of the BVI's major tourist destinations. Fortunately for us, coming from Cooper island "The Baths" were the nearest point of Virgin Gorda, since Cooper is situated south from Virgin Gorda.

We had some interesting experience while sailing to our final destination, one of the reels on our main sail broke and was ripped apart, fortunately no one was hurt during this accident and the captain had amazing skills and replaced the reel in no time once we reached our final destination.

And once we reached to the island, in front of us was this bay with as usual for the Caribbean silky soft sands and crystal clear, turquoise water, full of boats and people who have arrived at the same spot to enjoy the most famous attraction of Virgin Gorda, the Baths. I couldn't find any free images to share and I didn't have my camera with me so just visit this link to see how awesome this attraction really is! It will be a shame if you ever travel to this region without visiting The Baths. I'm happy to have to opportunity to see them even though I didn't have my equipment to photograph them.

Beaten path to the Baths

free image of the beathen path to The Baths

We had to take a swim to reach the shore because boats are not allowed near it, about ... I don't really know how far, but I think it was at least like 300 meters I would say to reach to the shore. This place was extremely picturesque, and I was getting more and more frustrated to not have my camera with me. Well, maybe this was for the better, so I can enjoy the beauty of the nature without wasting time, trying the catch the perfect image.

Virgin Gorda beach

just a free image to see how beautiful this place is

* Anyways, have that tip in mind, bring something to carry on your equipment through the water in case you can't reach the shore without getting wet as we did. It will really be a shame not to take at least a couple of pictures on this place.

We spend a total of about two hours on the island, swimming, diving and sunbathing. Unfortunately, we were on a tight schedule, we had to get back to Cooper island and as I mentioned the trip takes about an hour so we couldn't stay more.

During this time of the year (January) the daylight in this part of the world is about 11-12 hours or so, and at 6 p.m. it's already dark, and sailing in the dark is not preferred. Well, at least the temperature even at night doesn't fall below 24 degree Celsius.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity the visit this little paradise, not only Virgin Gorda, but the British Virgin Islands in general, hopefully one day I will be back and have the opportunity to spend more time and visit more of the islands and their little treasures.

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