Cooper island, Caribbean heaven

As most of the hidden gems of planet Earth, the BVIs are so remote that you would need several different transports just to get there. Luckily for me, I was in Puerto Rico during my visit to Cooper island and at least one or more flights were eliminated to get there.

However the journey included a small charter flight from San Juan to the main island of the BVI, Tortola from where we got a taxi to take us from the airport to the port of Tortola and after that a boat ride (water taxi) to reach our final destination Cooper island. Seems tough, doesn't it? Now imagine if you had to come from Europe and you wanted to reach the same destinations, add a couple of more flights and you're there. But the question here is, is it worth it?

Well, that's a tough question. The island itself is not very big and the only hotel that is located there has its own beach line and that's pretty much th resort. Other parts of the island are not accessible. First of all there no paths and second of all its private territory and trespassing is not allowed or at least not recommended, you wouldn't want intruders on your private property as well, right?

Private sign in Cooper island, BVI

The hotel consists of several bungalows, each of them for 2 persons, there probably may be more beds added on demand in the bungalow, for children maybe, I don't really know, haven't asked but a assume it's possible, a restaurant and a rum bar.

Since the bay in which the hotel is locaetd is very beautiful, many boats come to stay the night or several nights and people come to eat in the restaurant and have drinks in the rum bar, so it can get a little crowded in rush hours. I personally love when I look out the window and see all those boats resting in the bay, such a beautiful view! And new people departing and arriving all the time makes the place look more ... alive lets say.

View from Cooper island, BVI, accomodation

Another amazing thing I loved about our accommodation was that there were no windows. I mean there were windows, but without the glass, just a net on the windows frame so bug won't go in and also there was no air condition but instead a giant fan on the ceiling.

Let's talk a little about the beach. Silky soft sand with extremely rich wild sea life, sounds amazing, doesn't it? The resort, of course, offers diving experience which I highly recommend. I Didn't get the chance to try it myself, but I saw many wonderful pictures from my friends, who showed me all kinds of fishes and sea tortoises, looks like the sea life is pretty rich here.


*there was an octopus hidden in this shell

In conclusion I can easily say that if you are looking to get away from everything, get a nice deserved rest from your everyday life, the BVIs and Cooper island in particular are a great choice. A place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, eat delicious food, fresh fish, drink lots and lots of rum (we are in the racibbean, you know), get some sleep and enjoy the amazing weather, which by then in January was between 24-28 degrees celsius during the day and night, are a great a choice! Enjoy your trip, cheers!

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