Tanzania is one of the most beautiful counties on earth! Pictures don’t do it justice—it takes a visit to truly be able to appreciate the stunning vibrancy of the scenery, the wild spirit of the bush, and the warm hospitality of the people. If you are looking for a vacation filled with beauty, adventure, and exoticism, then Tanzania just might be the destination for you.


Tanzania has a farm, friendly culture that instantly appeals to visitors. Tanzanians are typically hospitable, welcoming visitors with smiles and kind words. Life is casual in here, which can drive you crazy until you learn to embrace it. Time has almost no meaning, so it’s not unusual for people to be hours late to a meeting. However, the disregard of time is exchanged for a care for people. If someone has something to do but they’re busy talking to or helping you, they’ll almost always put you first. Step into this world of brightly colored garments, fire pit-cooked food, and warm smiles. You may never want to leave.


Zanzibar - Tanzania is filled with adventure from Kigoma to Zanzibar! You can find excursions in every corner of the country to suit any taste. One of the most popular spots in Tanzania for relaxation is Zanzibar. This is an archipelago of islands along the coast, although “Zanzibar” usually refers to the largest island of the group. Here, you can browse through the spice markets, relax at the edge of the Indian Ocean, or discover old ruins.

Jabobsen’s Beach - Tucked away deep in the bush, Jacobsen’s Beach is a beautiful place to enjoy Lake Tangayika. The beach is actually a series of three beaches, complete with cabins and tents for rent. Surrounding the beaches is a dry forested area filled with winding trails for leisurely walks. Little monkeys hop from tree to tree, spying on beachgoers and hoping to snatch a jar of peanuts or a couple sandwiches. On quiet mornings, zebras wander from the grasslands above down to drink from the cool, clear waters of the lake. Locals fish along the rocky shores, and children happily splash at the water’s edge. Fishing and pleasure boasts dot the lake, and if you look very hard into the distance, you can see the shore of Burundi on the other side. Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake in the world, is filled with mystery and legend, but here at Jacobsen’s it is a place for carefree fun on the sand and water.

National Parks

Mount Kilimanjaro - Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, draws climbers and amateur hikers from around the world. You can hire a guide and make it to the top (or at least try!), or camp within the national park. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not easy, but for most people, it’s still doable. Even if you’ve never considered climbing a major peak, why not give it a chance and start with Kilimanjaro? If that’s just not for you, you can still walk up the slope and stay in a cabin in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Photo by kubikactive

Serengeti National Park - There are a few different parks and preserves in Tanzania. The most popular is the Serengeti. Here, you can take a safari tour to see Africa’s Big Five—lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo—as well as plenty of other exotic wildlife. Even better, you can stay in a lodge in the park. Surprisingly, the lodges at Serengeti are comparable to luxury resorts, swimming pools, service, and all. Plus, you can’t beat the views. You can also camp in the parks if you want to save your shillings for other adventures.

Photo by Amar Yashlaha, Joel Herzog

Ngorongoro Crater - There’s nowhere in the world like Ngorongoro Crater. Imagine driving up an escarpment in the wild African bush. As you reach the top, the earth suddenly falls away in front of you, and you stop. Yawning for miles ahead of you is a massive volcanic crater! In the middle of the crater is a large watering hole, where zebras, giraffes and other animals come to drink. Something moves next to your car, and you peer out the window to find a leopard pacing just inches from your tires. All around you, the usually-dry African brush is a brilliant green, and the blue of the sky stretches above you like a canopy. This is Ngorongoro crater, one of the world’s most magnificent places. When you visit the crater, you can drive through the park and even stay the night in a tent or lodge. Some of the rooms are built right at the edge of a crater. The windows look out on an incredible view of the crater.

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