The beauty of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England

My first Sheffield visit took my breath away.  Based in South Yorkshire, England, Sheffield is well known as a Steel City mainly because back in time it gained international reputation for its steel production.

I fell in love with the city right after our landing and the reason was the breathtaking sunset. It was just the best welcome ever. Like one of those sunsets which make you feel that you are in the right place at the right time. And that's how my little  tour begun.

The first thing that you need to know when you set your foot on Sheffield's land is that the streets are very sheer.

So rule number one is : have a good breakfast before going out to explore the city.
Rule number two: take a good friend who you'll share this experience with.
And rule number three: just enjoy! There is nothing better that you can do.

I stood by all of these rules. I just took with me one of my best friends who was also my tour guide and we started exploring the greenest city in the United Kingdom.

The first place you must see is Sheffield's City Hall. That building is absolutely stunning and it sticks in your mind for so long. It's based right in the central part of the town and is distinguished by its Gothic architecture. My friend and I were lucky enough to be surprised with a perfect weather. Almost during the whole week the weather was as sunny and warm as possible to be in England's surroundings.  There were so many people in front of the hall who were enjoying the good weather. The little kids were running around barefoot splashing one another around the fountains. It felt so cosy and pleasurable. I wish I would be a child again, haha.

Near the city hall you can find the Sheffield Winter Garden. It is one of the biggest wooden buildings in the United Kingdom. There are so many beautiful plants that you can see inside and so many people who take care of them.

One of the most inspiring places for me was Sheffield's Weston Park. This place can make you forget about all your problems back at home. It's a quiet and beautiful spot where you can spend like the whole day. Most of Sheffield's citizens prefer to start their day with a morning walk or even a group  training session  in the park. it's a really picturesque place. And don't forget that is the perfect Instagram spot!

Mappin Art Gallery is a truly amazing building which perfectly complements the park's scenery. All of Sheffield's natural and social history is locked inside its beautiful walls.

And talking about impressing buildings we shouldn't miss  Sheffield's Cathedral. A majestic construction that leaves you speechless and at the same time makes you feel like the tiniest person in this world when standing in front of it. It is an unforgettable and so special place to be. It's probably my favourite one.

Sheffield is not your typical tour destination, but is a place that needs to be seen to be appreciated. This city has a beauty of its own. It is unique and it leaves you with memories that last. I am so grateful I had the chance to have such a close encounter with it and explore all the wonders it had to offer. I hope you enjoyed my little getaway and were inspired by it! And if you ever get the chance to visit this little piece of heaven on Earth  - don't hesitate, just do it!

Aylinn Pallova,

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