The Caribbean Island of Saint Martin

Vacationing on Saint Martin

If you’re looking for a vacation spot with beaches, mountains, interesting wildlife, great relaxation, and constant opportunity for adventure, Saint Martin is your island. I know, because I’ve been living it. The adventurous side of Saint Martin is apparent as soon as you land. As you descend, your plane will fly directly over Maho Beach, where other tourists will eagerly welcome you with cheers and waves, until they run for cover as the engine blasts them with sand. Yes, this is that island—the one where you can watch planes land just a few hundred feet above you as you sunbathe on the beach! Once you land, you can choose dozens of activity options, from beaches to zip lining.


The island is 37 square miles, and because we had to be oh-so-clever for the sake of the tourists, it also has 37 beaches. I’ve been to about 25 of them, and I’ve loved just about every one. Some of the beaches are filled with restaurants, beach chairs, and people, but others are long, lonely stretches of sand tucked behind hills that take 45 minutes to cross. Some are right off the road, and others are only reachable by boat. One of my personal favorites is Mullet Bay Beach, which is down the road from my home. It’s close to Maho, a popular tourist area. The best beach, though, is Baie Rouge, a less popular beach on the French side. Here, you can relax on the sand, snorkel, or swim through an arch in the cliff to a small, hidden beach.


There’s a lot to do on the island! Although Saint Martin is famous for its nightlife, the daytime has more than enough to keep you occupied for as long as you choose to stay on the Friendly Island. Visit Loterie Farm to hike up the highest mountain on the island or zip line down through the rainforest. You might even catch a glimpse of wild monkeys! Or, spend a morning in Marigot, where you can shop, eat French pastries, and clamber around on historic Fort Amsterdam. There are also several hikes around the island, all unique and all with different views. One of the best hidden hikes starts at Guana Bay on the Dutch side and ends at a natural tide pool, where you can jump in and snorkel.


If you want to discover the wilder side of the island, take a risk and try something new! One of the coolest things I’ve learned to do since I got here is surf. You can take surf lessons and rent boards at Le Galion beach. The waves are good for beginners, but are still exciting for more skilled surfers! You can also snorkel on the island. Long Beach, Pinel Island and Great Cayes are the best places to snorkel. There is living reef with plenty of wildlife, including rays, barracuda, sea turtles, and the occasional little nurse shark! If that’s not exciting enough for you, you can also dive or get scuba certified on the island. There are both natural and man-made wrecks all around the island, so you can enjoy the eerie underwater scenery these offer. The most daring dive takes you to the heart of a shark neighborhood, where you can watch these menacing-looking creatures swim all around you.


Saint Martin is the gateway to a few other islands. You can land in Saint Martin and take a ferry or island-hopper plane to Anguilla, Saba, Statia, or St. Barth’s. Each of these islands is a little different from the others, with their own distinct cultures and adventures. You can stay a day or a week, it’s up to you! Or, you can visit all of them during your trip to Saint Martin.

Whatever you love about the Caribbean, you can do it in Saint Martin. I’ve been here over a year, and I’m still discovering new things all the time. Come visit our little piece of paradise! Everyone needs a little more sand and sun in their life. There’s no better place to get it than right here in Saint Martin.

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