A trip to Dubrovnik

My last visit to the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia was more than 13 years ago! You probably wonder why writing this post now? The reason is that I recently had a friend who visited Dubrovnik and when we met to catch up I was quickly reminded of this wonderful place's glory.

Saint Blaise Bells

Something interesting about this place location is that its actually on a part of Croatia which is outside it's premises. Otherwise said if you're going to Croatia by plane to Zagreb or Split and from there you decide to visit Dubrovnik you'll have to pass by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interesting fact, huh?

I did not have that issue, though, because when I visited Dubrovnik I came from Kotor, Montenegro, and we entered directly the highway to this amazing city.

As I mentioned the city of Dubrovnik has an ancient historical value. In the early days it has been a hot spot for writers, painters, mathematicians, artists and other types of scientists. Together, in the Dubrovnik they have been developing the Croatian language and civilization.

Dubrovnik, also known as The Pearl of Adriatic, is also the southmost city of Croatia. Within the city premises lies the most significant sightseeingof all, the old town. Entering the old town you'll find one of the larger churches in the city is named after Saint Blaise.

Saint Blaise

Fun fact to know is that February 3rd is the feast of Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise), who is the city's patron saint. Every year the city of Dubrovnik celebrates the holiday with Mass, parades, and festivities that last for several days. Another fun fact to know is that during that time of the year temperatures in Dubrovnik can exceed 30 degrees Celsius, so it's a good idea to join the fest.

View from the walls of the fortress Dubrovnik

A must do activity in the old city is to climb the steps of the walls of the fortress and walk around them. That will reveal an amazing view before your eyes and you'll get to see of all the city from above.

And while in the old town, make sure to stop by one of the many beautiful small restaurants and a bite of something local to eat.

Old town of dubrovnik

And later you can go to restaurant Panorama for dinner, or if you're not hungry, just to have a few drinks and enjoy the panoramic views of Dubrovnik. I've heard it looks amazing, even late in the evening when it's dark and the city is illuminated by the lights.

Restaurant Panorama

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