Our festive holiday continued in the city of Split, Croatia

I have to tell you right from the beginning, that I absolutely fell in love with this city. We stayed there for three days and it felt that the time wasn’t enough to enjoy it all. We covered all of the landmarks we wanted to see, but couldn’t do all of the activities we had planned, since it was New Year and there were some limitations. However, we did see some things that we hadn’t planned originally.

Our hotel Procurator 7 was right in the centre of the old city, located on the Procurator square, which was a perfect location. The hotel had only one disadvantage as there was not parking available, but the rooms were so good that it compensated for this small inconvenience. We stayed at the honeymoon suite and we absolutely enjoyed it. The bath, bed and kitchen….. a truly romantic atmosphere!

Procurator 7 Honeymoon suiteProcurator 7 Honeymoon suite

Procurator 7 Honeymoon suiteProcurator 7 Honeymoon suite

We quickly overcame our parking problem, since there were many public parking spaces as well as garages. The one we choose was probably the best and at a reasonable price, located only a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Paying in advance and for a couple of days made it even cheaper. In total, we payed 250 KN (about 35 euro) for our 72 hour stay.

During our first day in Split, we covered all the landmarks as per our original plan and below is a list and structured in the order we saw them.

Procurator square – that was basically the view from our room. The square is full of little cafes and many people sit there to enjoy the sunlight in the morning. Every building in the square has a distinctive style, but they are all painted in red.

We started our walk from the square and headed to Saint Domnius tower. On our way to the tower, we passed a lot of interesting buildings and went into a lot of gift shops to buy some presents for our loved ones. We bought some handmade jewellery with stones from the island of Brac. The lady in the shop was really nice to us; she gave us some local low alcoholic drinks that tasted like honey. I don’t what exactly it was but it was awesome. I would like to recommend you this shop; there are a lot of things you may like. The shop is called Cro Corner and the address is Buvinina 1, Split Croatia.

Saint Domnius – I would recommend you to climb all the steps up to the top of the tower. There is an amazing view over the city from its 60 meters. This comes at a price of 28 KN or about 4 euro.

Saint Domnius

Saint Domnius follow me to view over Split

Diocletian Palace and Peristyle – Saint Domnius tower is actually located in the palace itself. There are many leftovers from the old walls that are in pretty good shape. Here you can snap some great photos like the ones we took. Not to mention that this place is one of UNESCO World Heritage which makes it the most important thing in Split.

Diocletian Palace and PeristyleDiocletian Palace and Peristyle

  • Rive, Split’s waterfront – The waterfront ranks as my favourite part. It is a few kilometres long and there are palm trees everywhere. The weather during our second day in Split was sunny, with absolutely no clouds and it was pretty warm, so we were able to take a nice long walk across the full length of the waterfront. There are many boats and yachts stationed on the waterfront and a lot of cruises stop here too. Also, there are a lot of ferries, so you can travel from here to Italy or Greece for example. In the summer you can rent a yacht and sail around the coastline or even further. We checked out the prices and they seem reasonable. For example, you can rent a yacht for 10 people with a captain and all this joy comes at a price of about 250 euro per person for one week! This information is welcomed warmly, since we are planning to rent a yacht this summer!

Rive Splits waterfront

In addition to all of the above, our receptionist recommended that we see Marjan park and we are thankful to her for doing so.

Marjan park – a lovely park near the waterfront of Split. Marjan park is vibrant and you can see many people jogging, taking a casual stroll or just walking their dogs and all of that in a natural setting. You can rent bikes and explore the whole park. The best thing is that you can rent the bike from one side of the park and you can return it on the other side. Some our best pictures were done there and if you ever find yourself in Split, you should have a walk too.

Marjan parkMarjan park

Marjan parkMarjan park

The very same evening was New Year’s Eve. We didn’t have any special plans and we decided to go with the flow, got a nice bottle of wine and went to our room. It was still a little early-about 7 PM, so we thought it will be best to take a short nap, so we can stay sharp later on. The alarm was set to10 PM, we got up, dressed properly, sat in the kitchen and opened our bottle of wine. Somehow, we lost perception of time and by the time the bottle finished it was time to go out to the city square and send off the last moments of 2016. There was live music, typical Croatian songs and a lot of merry people around and everything was well organised. Once the clock hit 12.00am, we made our wishes, looking high up in the sky, taken over by a lavish fireworks programme. It didn’t take long before we felt cold, though the temperature was decent, so we decided it’s time to go to bed. It was a humble, but a very pleasant New Year’s Eve.

What we missed?

Unfortunately, there were no boats running during our stay, so we couldn’t take a boat ride to the lovely island of Brac. However if you go to Split make sure you do this. It takes about 45 minutes from Split to Brac. Brac has a fantastic beach named Zlatni Rat and is the biggest island, part of the Dalmatian group and the third biggest in the Adriatic Sea.

Split is an amazing city with a fantastic distinctive atmosphere and a lovely place to have a splendid vacation. And if you ever go there, as our receptionist told us, make sure to get lost in the city centre. You never know what you can find.

Split is an amazing city with a lot of atmosphere and a lovely place to have a vacation. And if you ever go there, as our receptionist told us, make sure to get lost in the city center. You never know what you can find.

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