The Croatian cities of Zagreb and Split during the festive season

I’ve had my eye on Croatia’s capital Zagreb for some time now as well as the city of Split. The latter seems to be the richest town of Croatia and I am pleased to announce that at last I have the opportunity to visit both cities and will be welcoming the new 2017 in Split. The whole journey will take a week, and I think that it will be enough to appreciate both cities as well as the landmarks I have outlined. What is even best is that I will be able to do so, whilst enjoying this special time of the year.  The magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will surely add up to the whole experience and make this whole journey one that is truly unforgettable and romantic as I will be able to share all moments with my better half.

Below is the complete list of landmarks, I’m planning to visit and in a consecutive order and starting with the city Zagreb. I hope we’ll be able to see them all, but you’ll find that out in just a few weeks and in the follow up article that will sum up my Croatian experience.

St. Mark’s Church - We’ll be starting our tour with St. Mark’s Church.  This is a spectacular architectural piece dating back to the 13th century. It’s been renovated a couple of times, but it seems that it has still preserved the authenticity of the Gothic style in which it was originally built. The roof of the church can be seen from a distance as it boasts the flags of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia and the city of Zagreb. I expect the scene to be even more festive this time of the year and thanks to a lavish Christmas decoration.

Saint Marks Church

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – another must see landmark in Zagreb. Its old name was St. Stephen's Cathedral. As St. Mark’s church, this cathedral was designed in gothic style and built around the 14th century. As far as I understand the main cathedral tower is actually under renovation as of now, but it seems that the entrance is free, so hopefully we will be able to appreciate the inside beauty of this cathedral.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Zagreb Eye– I’ve left this for the end of my trip. The Zagreb Eye offers a breath-taking panoramic eagle-eye view over the city. The actual entrance is free and the 16th floor hosts a bar, where I plan to enjoy a few beverages or cocktails, warm up a little bit and prepare for the next leg of the journey and my first Split visit.

In total, the plan involves one night in Zagreb and we will be heading to Split the next day. However, it is very likely that before the actual journey a last goodbye walk across the city centre will take place.

A 4-5 hour drive or around 400 kilometres will take us down south to the richest town of Croatia. Split, also happens to be a port city and I am looking forward to walking around the marina and appreciate the view of the docked yachts (I love yachts!).

We’ll be spending three days in Split and the weather forecast seems welcoming with a range of 2-10 Degrees Celsius and predominately sunny spells. The sunny weather will grant the opportunity for some fantastic photos and I don’t think that a lot of warm clothes will be required.

Welcoming the New Year in Split will be the culmination of the whole journey and I look forward to sharing my experience in the following weeks. However, I’ve also made a list of a couple of landmarks I wish and quite frankly my initial research hasn’t outlined many, so I think that the time will allow me to see and appreciate all of the below.

Saint Domnius – this cathedral, has a bell tower elevated 57 meters above ground and is the most significant landmark in Split. Built around the 13th century it offers some spectacular views from the top. I’ve only seen pictures for now, but I’m definitely going to climb all those stairs and appreciate the panoramic view over Split.

Saint Domnius

Republic Square, Prokurativa – the city square which is a pedestrianized zone, will be a fantastic place to take a walk and feel the heartbeat of the city. Also my hotel, Procurator 7, happens to be on that very same square, so I’ll actually be able to view the square from my room.

Republic Square Prokurativa

Rive, Split’s waterfront – did I mentioned that I love yachts? Probably I did. Taking as stroll by the waterfront will be one of the best parts of the whole journey. Hopefully, the weather will turn out as the actual forecast, fingers crossed! Also, I will be extremely delighted if we can take a boat trip. We shall see shortly!

Rive Splits waterfront

Diocletian Palace and Peristyle– a lovely square located in front of Saint Domnius Cathedral is another absolute must see in Split. It’s a very impressive palace with a lot of history. As far as I understand there is live music here in the evenings. I don’t know if that will be the case considering the season we are in, but I’m sure going to find out!

Diocletian Palace and Peristyle

I am looking forward to this journey and spending New Year’s Eve in Split. Stay tuned to find out what really happened and my first person experience, which I will share in the following weeks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all travel lovers around the world!


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