How to plan long weekend vacations

As you may already know I love to love long weekend vacations, I think it's a perfect for this once a month, just to get away from your everyday life and if possible visit a new country and try new things. Unfortunately, doing this every month, if let's say you do a 2 or 3 nights long weekend you'll need get at least 1 or 2 days of each month, and simple math tells us that that's 24 days of a YEAR. And what about all the other vacations you have planned? You just skip this? NO! I'll tell you how I plan my vacations and long weekends for the whole year, from scratch! You always need to optimize your time to enjoy life the better. Here are my tips for that.

In the end of the year, early December, I look at the next year calendar, with all the national holidays and try to make my plans according to them. I do this so I don't waste any free days that I have with staying in my homeland doing nothing.

So when I have the dates for all possible long weekend (meaning 3 nights or more), I start searching for tickets. The way I do this is by looking at different low cost airlines that travel from and to my country (Bulgaria), in my case those are Wizz and Rayn air, mainly. What I do next is try all the possible combinations, look for both airlines and locations they travel to four different possible dates that have come out my calendar.

The best case scenario is always if you can match the days. They almost never happens, though, because the airlines have certain days of the week to fly to a particular location. So if we have a national holiday on Friday, best case scenario would be if there is a flight in late Thursday and return flight on late Sunday. That way I would have 3 nights with 3 hole days away from home.

Well, since that never happens, we have to manage our vacation days e.g. if the return flight is on a Monday, ok that's great, we have a 4 night long weekend with just one day off work, or if the flight is in early Thursday, but it's back on Sunday, that's great again, we have a 3 night long stay with 1 day off, but we enjoy our destination for 1 more day, that is Thursday in this case.

I've been doing this practice for the third year in a row and what I manage to do at least 4 long weekend vacations and I still have time to take 2 weeks off, one in the summer and one in the winter, or maybe two in the summer, depending on several things.

Trust me, this practice works and it's wonderful! For this year, 2019, I have already done 2 long weekends with 3 nights stay, one in Nice and one in Alicante, I have planned 1 long weekend in April, a week off in May and another one in July and have booked two more long weekends in September and still have 8 days left off until the end of the year, that's with a total of 20 days off per year.

I'll manage all those vacations just by making my plans as smart as possible without any waste. Traveling has been one of the most important things for me for the past few years and I've come to realize that there is nothing more to life than living it, and what makes you feel alive? That's easy, exploring new things, seeing new cultures, and traveling to the places you've always wanted to!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page of it!

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