No matter what your end destination is, it is always good to be learning whilst on the move

Very often I ask myself, if I had the choice of waking up with one super power tomorrow morning, what would I choose? I would like to be able to read and comprehend a book by just a single touch. A day in the library would help me accumulate a vast amount of knowledge, the possibilities are endless….

Photo by Gabriel Ghnassia

Whilst this may be impossible, I have found a way to come slightly closer to achieving my dream. As someone that believes in the concept of constant self-improvement, I tend to read a lot of nonfiction books. Unfortunately, my professional and social commitments do not allow me to read as much as I wish to and sometimes it is difficult to find the balance. However, after some careful research I came across an app called Blinkist. I can’t stress enough how good this app is and the positive impact it has had on me.

Photo by Deniz Altindas

In essence, Blinkist has a library of nonfiction books summarized into blinks, which you can read or listen to grasp the concepts of an entire book in less than 15 minutes! After all, as they say if you can’t summarise an idea into a few sentence, probably you don’t understand it that well. You can try the app for free, which I would warmly recommend!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

The app has an offline mode, so you can read or listen to your blinks whilst travelling or even when you do your laundry and depending on the plan you choose. I personally, use the premium version, which allows you to read and listen to the blinks, very much like an audio book. I use it when commuting, flying or if I just feel like learning more. This year alone I have spent more than 70 hours up in the air, which in time equates to almost 280 Blinkist book summaries! See for yourself!

Photo by Averie Woodard

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