Our top 5 summer accessories


A pair of cool shades goes as our number one. Not only a cool pair of shades supplements your style but they also protect your eyes. Even best you can throw some cheeky looks on the beach and without anyone noticing!


Hats not only keep you cool in the hot weather, but can also enhance your looks. Avoiding a heat stroke is always a good idea!

Flip flops

The sound of the approaching flip flops is rarely good music to the ears, but they are quick to put on and make a perfect and comfortable beach companion. Just don’t turn up to that night club in your flip flops!

Linen shirt

A linen shirt is a top choice as the material is highly breathable and keeps your body cool. Brighter colours work well and together with your shades and hat will help you steal a couple of looks. A linen shirt can be worn in many different ways- tucked in, tucked out, buttoned up, buttoned down. It’s very versatile, so use your imagination.

Image by Kaoru Yamaoka


A decent pair of shorts and swim shorts are a must. Yellow is the most visible colour, so if you want to get a bit of attention go for it. Another option is red, which is an emotionally intense colour.

What are your top 5 summer accessories? Let us know!

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