The advantages of travelling solo

Traveling solo can be a lot of fun. The biggest issue that comes here is that most people are not open minded enough to travel alone. As human beings we always seek company and approval by others and that can often hold us back from what we could experience.

Open your mind and try solo traveling

The first trip I did on my own was back in May 2016, when I visited the island of Zante. I had this destination on my bucket list for a long time and this time none of my friends were able to join me. I was going through some changes in my life, career wise and needed some time off to relax and think about the future.

To be honest the first time going on a trip alone was little bit hard at the beginning and slightly strange for me. You know what they say: 'life begins at the end of your comfort zone'. I packed my bags, booked my stay and jumped on the road for what was one of my most amazing trips ever.

Now, more than a year later I’m writting this blog post to share some of my experience and what I came to realise, and recognise them as benefits of solo traveling.

1. Learn to enjoy your time alone -there is a saying that states “I’m alone, but I’m not lonely”. Being able to live with yourself and feel happy of who you are and where you are no matter if you are alone or not is paramount. Having some time alone, away from friends and family can truly open your eyes and help you see what’s important for you, what you really want and a good chance to think about how you can achieve it.

2. Clear your mind– as I said earlier one of the reasons I took my first trip alone was that I needed some time to think things through clearly and without any disruptions. When I get the chance to be alone and think through matters clearly, more ofthen then not leads to good decisions. This was the case with my first solo trip and it helped me immensely to clear my mind and find the answers I was seeking.

Desicion making time - pass the crossroad

3. Boost your confidence – from my personal experience I came to learn that this is one the most significant benefits. I can’t really explain how or why this happens but it really does. You should try it yourself and see how you’ll put your life in a positive and valuable direction. Last, but not least as a result you can inspire confidence in others and yourself.

Boost up your confidence when traveling alone

4. Broaden your perpsectives – travelling can help you gain valuable life experience by dealing with unexpected events in a foreign setting. This in turn will allow you to learn more about yourself and to broaden your understanding of the dynamics that drive the world as well as you as a person and help you gain new perspectives on life.

5. Meet new people – when you’re alone you become more open to the world and others. Consequently, you often meet new people and get a chance to improve your communication skills and ability to connect with others. During my first solo trip I met and old couple and until this very day we still keep in touch.

Meet new people

6. Plan and execute on your own accord – so it happens that often when I travel with a companion the chance of getting late increases exponentially. It may be because your travel buddy decided to enjoy 5 more minutes in bed or a different reason. When I travel alone, I found it easier to do most if not all the things I set out to experience.

7. Get over your fears –before doing my first trip alone, I started thinking about the worst scenarios that can happen, for example what if my car broke down or there is some sort of issue with my hotel reservation. Fear is a bad advisor and can often hold us down from living life fully. This also relates to being comfortable in your own company and having confidence in your abilities to tackle challenges as they come along.

Get over your fears by traveling alone

I have visited different places with different people, but travelling solo can also be fun and help you become a better version of yourself. As a result I can truly say travel to learn, enjoy and live life fully and don't let anything hold you back! We only live once!

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