Tips to reduce travel costs

As you probably know by now we like to travel, a lot! In order to that we need to think smart. Over the years we came up with a list of useful tips we now do on daily bases when booking our trips to optimize our spendings and get the most of our trip.

There are several ways you can reduce your travel costs and a million reasons why you should do that. For starters the cheaper you travel the more money you’ll have to travel again. That’s actually my main reason and I always look for a way to reduce my travel costs every possible way that I can. However that might not be your case, maybe you don't need extra money for your next trip or maybe you would like to reduce your travel costs in favor of something else, buy a gift your girlfriend/boyfriend for example. The reason doesn't really matter, the result is whats important! And here is our list of tips to make your trip cheaper.

1. Always book your hotel few month before your arrival – even if you book dates that are in not high season it might be a lot cheaper to do so months before your trip. Not everybody can make plans that far away but if you have the opportunity to do so, don’t hesitate to do it. This might lower you hotel price by 30% of even more. Me for example, I always book my hotels about 2-3 months before my actual trip and I always check on a weekly bases if there isn't any better offer. And of course when doing that make sure you have free cancellation on your booking you've previously made.

Always book your hotel

2. Book your flights smart – check several airlines for the ticket prices and/or use some tools like, compare the prices and book the best offer you find. Have in mind that direct flights might not be the cheapest way to travel. If you have spare time to waste several hours on an airport you would want to choose flights with 1 stop for example. That way you can certainly find the best price available and maybe have the opportunity to explore another city meanwhile.

Book smart flights

3. Choosing your laguage options – most of the flights, especially the low coast airlines like wizzair, ryanair etc. make you pay extra for bigger laguage cases. Before selecting that options think if you would need it. My last travel was for four nights and I choose only the small cabin bag and it was perfectly enough. I even had a few shirts that I didn’t get wear in the end.

4. When visiting landmarks that have fees to enter, like museums, book your tickets online – this way you can skip queues and probably get a cheaper ticket even. Some places do use this practice and it’s a good idea to always check if it's available before you visit the desired locaiton.

5. If you travel by car have in mind that the shortest road might not be the smartest one – for example it may have traffic, or it may be slower (shortest doesn’t mean fastest). If you're stuck in a jam you might waste tons of fuel getting out of it and if that doesn't make you check the traffic think of all the time you'll waste sitting in one place in the car. Also sometimes choosin a road instead of a highway you can save few bucks for toll taxes (they can get quite price in Europe).

Do you have any tips of your own that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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