Our top five winter accessories

Travelling in winter can be tough. Weather is cold it's ofter raining or snowing and even it's sunny you can still be freezing. You need to keep yourself warm! Here are my top winter accessories that I always carry with me.

Scarf - I used to hate scarfs, I don't know why, just weren't my thing. Well, that changed, now scarfs are my top autumn/winter accessorry. They go really well with jackets, with coats, hell I even wear them with T-shirt in the beginning of autumn and it looks great. The other good thing about scarfs is that they're practicaly, you can tighten them in many ways, some will just look good, but others can keep your neck warm as well. Choose a type of a knot depending on the outside conditions and you're good to go.

Gloves - I'm a big fan of gloves, mostly leather. They're stalysh and they keep you warm. Black/brown/red/green you name it, I love it. Also what I find really usefull about gloves, leather ones that is, is that in winter it's really pleasent for me to drive a car with them. I don't have to wait too much for the ice cold steering wheel to heat up and they give me a good grip as well.

Hat - Of course, hat is in my list. There are so many types of winter hats that one can never get bored of wearing. It's, a good touch of your style and it keeps your head warm. Have you ever been to a city where is not that cold even but the humidity is high? It feels like your head is literaly freezing. Last year when I was in Belgrade for New Years Eve I felt it myself and it wasn't a pleasent feeling you can guess.

Woolen socks - I was never a big fan of thick socks. I found them to be a little bit uncomfortable and my shoes tightened me. Last few years however that changed dramatically since I spent all my Christmas holidays on some very cold places. Wearing such socks has become a big deal for me since I decided I needed my feet to be warm first and foremost.

Boots - last but definitely not least, maybe even the most important in our list, though it's not exactly an accessory are the boots. Going on a trip in the winter you need to keep your feet warm otherwise you may get sick. Having a pair of good, quality boots is an essential if you want to take long walks in the snow.


Those are the things I never go on a trip in the winter without. Do you have some important accery I never leave your house without in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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