Top things to bring on a long flight

Have you ever rushed to the airport and had that feeling as if you forgot to pack something? I can honestly say that I have, so to avoid this from happening to you below is a list to remind you of a few essential items to have with you on your next flight.

1. Tablet

The portability of a tablet device combined with the access to a variety of apps, media and books makes it our top choice. We like to use an iPad mini and I must say that we just read that it is rumoured the range might be discontinued on Engadget, which made me slightly sad.


2. Noise-cancelling headphones

Another important item to have on a long flight, especially so if you happened to be around noise fellow travellers. There are plenty of options when it comes to headphones, but I personally like to use my Sennheiser, which I believe is great value for money product.


3. Battery Pack

Depending on your flight length, you may need to top-up the batter of your tablet or even your phone. My battery pack is an essential item, which I bring to most if not all of my trips. My Anker battery can in fact charge my phone more than 6 times.


4. Noise Reduction Earplugs

Perhaps, you may be going through a digital detox and want to switch off completely. If that is the case forget about all of the above and just elect a set of noise-cancelling ear plugs. If I were you, I would choose a pair of the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs!


5. A notebook and a paper

Your digital detox might stimulate your creativity, so it is a great idea to be able to write your ideas down. A Moleskine classical notebook is  what I have with me at most times. Trust me when you write things down it is likelier that you will implement those great ideas of yours.


6. Flight pillow

Whether you will be undergoing a digital detox or if you choose to entertain yourself by watching a movie, having a flight pillow is a great idea to help you increase your comfort. I do like my power-naps too! A Travelmate Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect companion on every flight!


Remember to enjoy your time up in the sky and also don’t be shy greet a stranger or two! If you happen to dislike the conversation, just make use of your earplugs or noise cancelling headphones!

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