Travel packing guide

Have you ever traveled to somewhere just to find out that you have forgotten an important item and now you have to figure out how to replace it? I haven't, simple because I follow certain steps when packing my luggage. Packing made easy! Follow my check list to never forget an item when going on the road.

Have your backpack packed - the items in the your backpack are the most important items you'll ever need when you're on the road, therefore it gets the first place in my list. Backpacks have become so important and useful to me that I even wrote down a separate post to explain what and why I have in my backpack. You can check out, Backpack travel essentials. Of course the items on that list may be different for you, or the destination you're going to. You'll have to make up your own list with essentials to carry in your backpack, though I think I have covered essentials you'll need everywhere.

Clothes - well, I'm sure that no one will forget to bring clothes with them when they go on the road. But my tip here is simple. I used to pack different outfits for each day of my trip. I found that that's not the best practice and you should have more than one outfit per day. It may be hard to bring more than one for each day, but have some extra. For example, if you go away for 5 days bring 7 different outfits with you. You can never know what could happen and ruin your outfit, don't let that ruin your day as well, have a spare one!

Toiletries - yes, most, if not all of the hotels provide those for you, but over time I found it better to carry on my own. I have sensitive skin and it's better for me to bring my own tested cosmetics rather to trust the ones that the hotels provide, though most of the time they're not that bad. Even so, simple things like this can make your stay more enjoyable. And don't forget, airlines allow only bottles with less or equal to 100 ml. liquids!

Accessories - you still have some free space in your luggage? Don't let it go to waste! Bring some more items that can spice up your look. Put in some hats, belts, extra jackets and/or extra shoes. Shoes are actually quite important, if you get them wet that is a huge deal breaker. The easiest way to catch a cold is from your feet, you have to keep them dry and warm!

Those are the items and usually the way I pack my items. Most important things go into my backpack and in my luggage everything else. Do you have anything on your list you didn't find here? Let us know! Maybe you can help us by making our travel experiences even easier!

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