Saint Valentine's Day in Nice

By tradition me and my girlfriend always take a little trip to celebrate saint Valentine's Day, this is our year together as well as our third trip. The past years we always went to Italy, first we went to Rome and then we went to Milan. I adore Italy, it's one of my favorite European destinations and I can always find myself an excuse to go there, but this year I decided we should do something different for our third trip.

I sat down and started exploring my options, I have several rules that I follow when booking a vacation, the first of which is how to travel to the endpoint and the second one also very important is the dates the planes arrive and depart. It's not very easy to take several days off work and try to match my vacations with weekends, so I don't need to take many days off. That way I can make more trips at the end of the year, which is the final goal.

Wizz air recently opened flights from Sofia to Nice and luckily for us they were on Friday night and Monday night. So it turns out that booking those days we can use the weekend and get only day off, on Monday. So the decision was quickly made.

We arrived at the airport of Nice on Friday night, I didn't do much research on how to get to the city center, just had a look at taxis which priced from 30-50 euros, depending on the car, which is a high price I think. I saw that Ubers can do the same job for about half the price, but we didn't take that as well. Getting out of Terminal two there was a bus (line 98) that was driving to the city center and we quickly hopped on it. The price was reasonable, 6 euro per person and about 20 minutes drive.

The bus has several stops on the main seaside boulevard, Promenade, so no matter where exactly your hotel is you can easily find the best stop and take a couple of hundreds of meters walk, takes just few minutes.

When we checked into our hotel we were starving, so we went out for a walk to find a place to eat. Surprisingly for us there weren't many working restaurants on Friday night, but we did find a nice little place to have a bite to eat and of course, keeping it French, a glass of champagne.

We had an incredible weather during the whole weekend and the morning we woke up, had some breakfast, which by the was delicious, we had a long walk on the main seaside and went up to the Castle Hill where we took some amazing photos, instagram time!

Pavel Angelov in Nice, France

After that we went to a bar, it was passing 5 o'clock so we needed again a bite to eat, though we drank more that we ate, local champagne is really great and fairly cheap.

During our stay we had the opportunity to enjoy Carnaval De Nice, which is the dates between 16th February and 2nd March, a spectacular show and a perfect fitting to our plans since we didn't have any on Saturday night.

Sunday we took advantage of our location and traveled to Monaco. For a 25 minute train ride and the price of 4 euro per person (one way) you get the opportunity to enjoy one of the most desired Europen destinations, you check out our day in Monaco in the post A lovely day in Monaco.

Pavel Angelov in Monaco

In our day, Monday we didn't have the chance to do much since we had a flight in the evening and we wouldn't want to risk missing it, so we stayed in Nice the whole, and took another walk on the seaside boulevard but this time we also went deeper into the city center on the small streets to check some shops, souvenir and clothing lines.

We had some time to spare and we hopped on the Wing wheel located in the city center, near the square where the carnival took part, Place Massena. After that had some lunch by the seaside, amazing seafood was on the table and of course champagne, again.

It was time for us to get back to reality, we got on the bus and headed to the airport. Thank you Nice for that amazing and romantic weekend, we will for sure come back one day to explore more of the what I think is the most beauiful place in Europe!

Romance on the French Reviera

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