Top foods of France

When visiting a foreign country one of the must do things is try the local food. Every country has its own cuisine, tasty and unique. The French cuisine is among the most popular worldwide, but have you ever tried this meals?

* Have in mind that from my personal experience I've come to a conclusion that you've never tasted the real taste of a dish unless you do it in the country that its origin from, not from those tourist types of restaurants, but from a small local restaurant.

Herb Buttered Snails - a typical French meal, cooked land snails with herb butter, presented in their shells and you eat them with a little skewer (or with hands if you remember that old but really great movie Pretty Woman).

Herb Buttered Snails

Steak Tartare -  a meat dish made from raw ground meat. It's usually served with onions and pepper and often served with a raw egg. You're probably thinking "how can you eat raw meat and eggs"? I assure it's it's simply delicious and when the products are good they don't need thermal treatment to be consumed safely.

Steak Tartare

Cheese Fondue - arguable Swiss or French, Fondue is melted cheese served in a communal pot. Often heated with a candle or spirit lamp and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.

Cheese Fondue

Ratatouille - have you ever seen the Disney animation with the French mouse? Well, that's not it! Ratatouille is a French Provencal stewed vegetable dish with originating from Nice. It mainly consists of vegetables (tomatoes, onions, courgettes, bell peppers and sometimes others), garlic and basil. It's a must have dish on your visit to France.


Coq-au-vin - literally translated roasted wine. It is a variation of the famous boeuf bourguignon – cooked with rooster marinated in red wine with bacon and mushrooms and it's one of the oldest meals in French cuisine.

Chocolate souffle - baked from the outside, raw from the inside with rich chocolate taste, a must try dessert, though it's very famous and you probably eat it on daily bases in your own country, definitely try it at a local place to compare the tastes.

Chocolate Souffle

Macarons - also known as French Macarons. Sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, found in many different colors and flavors and are one of the most significant deserts of French cuisine. Often served with coffee in French cafeterias and it's one of the lightest and most delicious desserts I've ever tasted.

French Macarons

Croasant - yet another of the most famous deserts in France, and yet another I'm sure you have in your own country, though I'm sure as well they don't taste the same. Can be with butter, chocolate, jam. Typically served for breakfast with coffee, but they can be found on every bakery on the street and consumed even in the afternoon.

French Croasant

Bonus tip out all those dishes above, France it's very famous in general for their cheese, champagne and red whine. You probably knew all that, right? That's why I didn't include them in the list above, but have those things on your mind as well when you sit in a restaurant and think of what to order for appetizers and drinks. Cheers and enjoy!

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