Top things to do in Nice

We spent several days in Nice, France for my annual saint Valentines vacation this year. We enjoyed a long sunny weekend with lots and lots of emotions, exploring and different activities. We made up a small list of things that you must have on your checklist when visiting Nice.

Eat French food - ok, so that's something I always go for, no matter where the destinations, always try several things of the local cuisine. France is to be known that it has one of the most amazing cuisines in the whole white world. Snails, macaroons, souffle, mussles, not to mention the amazing the amazing beef and seafood we had. You'll make a terrible mistake if you don't try their cuisine, therefore I put the this as the first thing on my list, trust me on this one and if you have troubles locating the traditional French dishes, just look at our post Top foods of France.

French Food

Go to the beach - our visit was in February and that still didn't seem to stop the people from sunbathing. The air temperature was about degrees Celsius and yet the beach was full of people. I can handle the air temperature when it's sunny, but going in the water was out of my league. If you think you're up to it, give it a try. If you're not up to it, you can just do like we did and sit a restaurant on the beach, eat some delicious meals and of course have a glass of champagne.

Beach in Nice France

Go up the Castle Hill - a place that gives you an amazing view over nice. The steps are located from the boulevard on the beach front, Promenade des Anglais. Take several hours for this activity so you can enjoy the views as you should. You'll have the ability to look at both sides of the city, observe the yachts at the front, take a long walk in the part, maybe even bring some champagne, cheese, french bread you make a picnic, many people were doing it it seemed like a good idea.

French Riviera Seaside

Enjoy the Carnival De Nice - an annual event that happens from February 16th to March 2nd (two weeks). Spectacular thing to witness. Fortunately, we were in Nice that exact same time and we had the opportunity to enjoy it. Depending on what you're looking for in your trip have that event in February in mind and make your plans according to its dates.

Travel the French Riviera - There are several places very easily accessible from Nice. Only on about 30 kilometers east is situated Monaco. We went there for a day, the train took just about 25 minutes to travel and the return tickets were less 10 euro per person. And if you have even more time, not more that 50 kilometers west is situated Cannes, another one of very famous French cities. And further down the road you can even go saint Tropez, the place where the celebrities go.

French Riviera, Monaco

Take a walk on the beach front - long several kilimoters, the beach is very pictures and a pleasant place to spent several hours. On one side you have the sea and on the other old architectured buildings, most of them are hotels and restaurants separated by the beach with a road full of palm tries. We took some great photos there and if you're looking for some cool instagram shots, that's the place.

Nice quickly became on my favorite places in Europe and probably the most beautiful place I've visited so far, at least in Europe. I fell in love so much with it that I'm already considering my next visit there. I my tour of French Riviera is not over, Cannes and Saint Tropez await us!

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