Top foods of Germany

In Germany as well as in many other countries the local food is based on the region you're in. There are however some meals that are traditional for Germany in general, no matter in which region you're in and we're going to focus on those meals. But keep in mind that  if you find something different in a specific region, you have to try it! With that being said here is our list of foods you must try.

Rouladen - imagine a dish full of meat, bacon and onions, wrapped around in sliced beef and then cooked, server with mustard and pickles, sounds delicious, right? Right! It's a very typical and tasty German meal that you can consume almost everywhere.


Wursts - undoubtedly the most famous of all German foods. Literally translated means "sausage" and there are known to be many, many types of different wursts, but the most common are twelve (according to google). I think I've tried several of them in different regions of Germany, but they're all good and I highly recommend to try them whenever you get the chance.

Wursts, sausages

Spanferkel - in Turkey they may not eat pork meat, but that doesn't go for the Germans. Spanferkel or translated "suckling pig" is a young roasted pig, usually slaughtered between the ages of two and six weeks. It can be found in many cuisines and German is in that number as well.

Spanferkel, Suckling pig

Stollen - a traditional German bread, usually eaten during Christmas festive season. It consists of fruit bread, nuts, dried fruits and sprinkled with powdered sugar or icing sugar on top once it's baked.


Weihnachtsgans - it's a German Christmas goose. It can have great seasoning like onions, ​thyme, and fruits. Usually consumed for festive occasions, not necessarily Christmas.


Rote grütze - a sweet fruit dish, literally translated means "red groats", made out of potato starch, red summer berries, black cherries and sugar and can be found mostly in Northern Germany and it's arguably Denmark or German dessert.

Rote grutze

Spätzle - a type of pasta made with fresh eggs. It's mostly found in Southern Germany and Austria and almost every neighbour countries.


Leberkäse - literally translated means "liver cheese", it's a tradition food from the Southern regions of Germany. It consists of beef, pork and bacon, baked until it has a crunchy crust, it was one of my favorite meals when I was kid, recently had it on my trip to Frankfurt, still delicious!


Schnitzel - is a meat coated with flour and beaten eggs and then fried. Originating from Austria but widely consumed in Germany and does get an honorable mention on our list. Plus, it's one of my favorite meals.


The countries in central Europe share very similar cuisine, and language as well, and some of the foods are arguably originating from Germany, but they are all typical for the country and get a place on our lists.

A bonus tip I'll give you here. In Germany beer is consumed everywhere on daily bases. They have some local beers for each region and it's a good idea to try them as well if you ever decide to visit. Cheers!

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