A day cruise to Symi island

When we were on Rhodes island we had some spare time during our one week stay. One thing I always like to do when on a Greek island is take a cruise around the island. This time there were not only cruises around the island, but similar as the ones that can be found in many different islands, a cruise to a neighbour island.

We had several choices for such cruises like to the one Chalki island. Frankly, I hadn't heard of that island before that so we went with the one we were familiar with, Symi.

As I research the photos of Chalki now it also seems like a wonderful choice for a one day trip, so keep it in mind as well.

If read our blog you'd know that I have a dream of mine, to visit all the Greek islands, that's another reason why we took advantage of our stay at Rhodes.

The trip costs us 20 euro per person and it took us the whole day. We sailed away from the Rhodes main port at 9 o'clock and returned to the harbour at 5:45. Symi island is not very big and populated, there are two main attractions that take place in our daily cruise.

First, we sail to Panormitis. After about two hours on the cruise, we arrive at our first stop. Panormitis very small, and it only has one attraction, Archangel Michael of Panormitis Monastery. If you are a fan of monasteries or orthodoxy, that's the place for you. And if you're not you can do like we did, take some great photos and sit on one of the cafes to get something refreshing or get a Greek coffee, like I did, mmm, tasty.

After about one hour at Panormitis, our cruise sailed away to the main town of Symi island Ano Symi. A also small, but very picturesque location. Situated on the other of the island we had another about 45 minutes to reach it from Panormitis. Fortunately for us, the stay there was about 3 and half hours, plenty of time to do a lot of things. Since it was already lunch time and we were starving, we first headed to get a bite to eat at. We took our time to pick a tavern and weren't disappointed, delicious seafood and Ouzo.

When we finished lunch and took some great photos, we took a tour around the village streets, as I mentioned Symi is a relatively small island and the village is well is not very big and easy to have toured around it bare foot.

Many souvenir shops can be found there and of course we didn't waste our time and bough our closed ones some gifts. Anyways, choosing gifts is always so time consuming for us that it was already getting around 4 o'clock and we had to get back to our ship for the ride back to Rhodes island.

After a little more than two hours we were able to see Rhodes island. Our day trip has ended with some great photos and memories. Symi was very beautiful and it was the right choice for a day trip during our stay on Rhodes island.

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