A week in Zante

To say that the island of Zante is one of the pearls of the Ionian Sea will not be an overstatement. The island is easily accessible as it has its own airport (Zakynthos) or alternatively can be reached by a ferry transfer. The total length of the island across the centre is 40 km and its width 20 km, so renting a car, atv quad or a scooter is a good idea, as you will have the freedom of going almost everywhere in very little time. As the airport name suggests, the main city of the island is Zakynthos, but all other villages are worth a visit as they offer their own unique beaches, taverns and bars. If you are in the city of Zakynthos and close to the port, you can get a cruise or even a water taxi as the island is well connected.

There are number interesting places to visit when in Zante:

Navaggio beach (the shipwrek beach) – probably the most famous of all beaches on Zante island. The beach has a wrecked ship on the coast therefor it’s more famous with the name “Shipwreck” beach. The only way you can go to this is beach is by boat and it’s a definitely a must to check it out if you ever head to Zante. The water is amazing, the color is turquoise and the view from the shore is awesome since the beach is located in a bay.

Navaggio beach (the shipwrek beach) Zante

Blue caves - On your way to the “Shipwreck” beach it is likely that you will pass by the blue caves. When choosing your cruise ship you, pick a smaller one and ask if it’s going inside the caves as you won’t regret it! The sunlight hits the water at an angle and the inside of the cave is literally glowing.

The blue caves, Zakynthos

Xygia beach - This beach is small and not that famous, which actually is a plus. Since Zante island has a lot offer this beach undeservedly stays in shadows. Located near the St. Nicholas port. You can park your motor vehicle on the road and walk down to the beach. Again the water is crystal and the colour turquoise and since it is not that busy you can relax and prepare for your next stop of the journey.

Xygia beach Zante

Cameo island- Cameo Island is a private island located on the southern part of Zante, but is open for visitors during the season. The island often hosts wedding and other events and is a popular party destination.

Cameo island

St Nicholas port - It’s a small charming port, and I grew fond of it very quickly. There are a few taverns, which makes it a perfect place to grab a bite and regain some power.

St Nicholas port Zante

And you are probably thinking "this is it". Not that's not it. There are a lot more places to visit on that beautiful island. Unfortunately the time we had wasn't enoght. So one day will be back to visit what we missed.

And the list is as follows:

Panoramic view of Navaggio beach and the shipwreck – The eagle eye view of the shipwreck is truly breath-taking and presents a great opportunity for taking some fantastic photos. The panoramic view of Navaggio beach is a must when on the island of Zante!

View over Navaggio beach, the shipwreck beach

Marathonisi (Turtles Island) – like the pelican Petros of Mykonos, undoubtedly the most famous residents of Zante are the Loggerhead turtles. These graceful animals have been living on Zante’s beaches for thousands of years, but sadly are now an endangered species. As the island name suggests it is a preferred turtle nesting site, and offers a great opportunity to make acquaintance with the local mascot.

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