Best greek islands for different types of vacations

We all look for different types of vacations depending on our individual requirements and preferences. For example, you may want to go to a family friendly location with the accompanying atmosphere. Perhaps, you are looking for a party destination- where you can quickly make new friends and together we can enjoy some nightlife.

The list below includes ideas for different Greek island vacations, and we hope that you will find it handy. The list is based on our personal experiences and places we have visited ourselves. There might be places that are not listed below, so if you have visited such a place and would include it in one or more of the categories below, we would love to hear from you!

Best Greek islands for beach time

Some Ionian islands quickly pop-up in my mind when it comes to spending time on the beach. These are Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zante and even the small little pearls that are often overlooked- Paxos and Antipaxos. If you are searching for amazingly blue and crystal clear water, look no further but check the suggestions above. Take a good look at them below and decide for yourself whether you choose to agree or disagree!

Channal Of Love

Sidari, Corfu


Ever been to #paradise ???

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Xigia beach, Zakynthos


Egremni, Lefkada

Best islands for party and night life

I think that there will be no second opinion here and the winner for us undoubtedly is Mykonos! We had such a great time here. Absolutely, the best place we’ve been to when it comes to night life. Lagas and Zante offer great beach clubs and bars and also make this list. Further, we should mention Kerkira in  Corfu. The capital of Corfu is full of life during the night, so there will be plenty of opportunities to experience some memorable moments.

Paradise beach club Mykonos

Paradise beach club, Mykonos

Best islands for romance

Mykonos is part of this list too. A walk through the old town is fantastic experience at night, and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. The old town is the perfect spot for a fabulous dinner with your loved one. Everything is so glamorous- the white facades of the houses and those blue wooden window frames will make you feel dreamy!

The island of Skiathos is part of this list too, this little place has a lot of glamour too and definitely tops my list for couples and romantic experiences. The town is charming at night, and a romantic stroll followed by a visit to one of the nearby taverns and fancy bars will be a perfect way to end your day.

Mykonos city at nightMykonos city at night

Mykonos town

Skiathos island Xenia beach

Xenia beach, Skiathos

I'll also add the island of Skopelos to this list. Though the island is underdeveloped, I saw something really romantic in it. It is peaceful and quiet with great food and amazing landscapes, notably the Mamma Mia Cliff.


Mamma mia beach, Skopelos

Best islands for families

Our first choice will be the island of Thassos. We were there in early June and found it peaceful and quiet. There was plenty of choice when it comes to beaches too. We would definitely go back again with our kids. It’s amazing place, and the value that the island can offer is fantastic.

Paradise beach, Tassos

Best islands for water sports

To be honest, I haven’t practiced many water sports in Greece. However, during my Lefkada trip, we tried windsurfing, so this will be the only one on our list. Of course, you could rent a jet on most if not all of the islands listed above, but I don’t think this qualifies as a sport.

Egremni beach Lefkada

Egremni beach, Lefkada

The islands of Greece have much to offer to its visitors. Hope you’ve had a fun time going through the list! What are your suggestions? Do you disagree or agree? Have we missed something? Let us know! Be a part of a community that loves to travel and share- contact us!

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