Couples Summer Escape to Thassos Island!

Pavel and I have this tradition of going away to a summer destination around the end of May or beginning of June. Last year we chose Mykonos and the year before that Kavala. This year we headed to island of Thassos.

Situated in the northern part of Greece, the island of Thassos is a great value for money holiday destination. This is the sort of place where you go to relax with your family or friends as opposed to a party nightlife destination.

A short ferry transfer from Keramoti took us to the island and the town of Limenas. We quickly entered our desired end destination - Skala Potamia, only to find ourselves at Marble Beach shortly after.

Marble beach Thassos

There is a direct rocky road which connects Marble Beach to Skala Potamia, but it seems to me that you need to be driving a Jeep or a SUV of some sort to be able to utilise this. We chose to drive back to Limenas and in fact the journey from Limenas to Skala Potamia should only take around 30 minutes. For some reason, our Navigation showed us that the best route is to make a circle around the whole island (and still does as per the map below), which takes around 1hr 30 mins. I suppose that the reason for this is that the road connecting Panagia and Limenas shows as “Unnamed Road” on Google Maps. You can save yourself the hustle and just use this road and you will reach Skala Potamia in 20 minutes or so.


For our stay we chose Anassa Studios and were extremely pleased with the choice. The staff were friendly and the location was good as the beachline is located only 10 mins away and next to us we had a supermarket and two bakeries!


Shortly after we checked in, we headed to Athos tavern, where we dined under the clear night sky and by the sounds of the crushing sea waves. The portions were generous and the prices reasonable. As a matter of fact, Thassos is quite an affordable destination.

Chris Akti Beach

The next day, eager to maximise our time on the beach we headed Chrisi Akti beach. Chrisi Akti along with Chrisi Ammoudia constitute the largest beach on the island. The sandy beach as well as the crystal-clear water and proximity to taverns and shops made it an ideal first day beach spot for us.

Golden Beach Thassos Skala PotamiaGolden Beach Thassos Skala Potamia

Geo Glimpse Team Vladimir Teodosiev and Pavel Angelov

After a long day at the beach we dined at Flisvos Tavern and weren’t disappointed with our fresh fish platter choice.


The next day we headed to Giola. Giola is a natural pool-like rock formation, which makes it a perfect spot for cliff jumps.

Giola Thassos islandGiola Thassos island

Giola Thassos island

You can reach Giola by parking by the main road and taking a 500 metre walk to it. The walk can be challenging if you carry a heavy bag or two, so consider leaving a couple of unnecessary items in the car. To our surprise the water wasn’t much warmer than the sea, but the jumps were a lot of fun.

Love Giola Thassos island

Paradise Beach

As the name suggests Paradise Beach is indeed heaven on earth. The water is crystal clear and the colour blue and turquoise at places. The beachline is long and the sand is golden and fine. The tavern at the beach is excellent and there are more than 100 cats around it, two dogs, which makes it a perfect spot for animal lovers.

Paradise Beach Thassos Island

Paradise Beach Thassos

Archangel Michael Monastery

The Monastery is built on a cliff above the sea surface, so you can admire the spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. One can enter the premises of the monastery, but the sanctity of the place needs to be respected, so you may need to put some extra clothing, which can be obtained by the main entrance.

Thassos monasteryThassos monastery


Aliki is situated only some minutes away from Archangel Michael Monastery. It is a small rocky peninsula with two gulfs, where you can choose to lay down your beach towel and dive back in time. Here you can find an old marble quarry and ancient remnants dating as far as the 7th century BC. Since it is on the hill, the sea view from the top of it is very beautiful. Walking around and exploring the peninsula was great fun.


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