Daily beach party at Nea Peramos

Many locals, as well as many Bulgarians, choose to travel to this lovely place for day trips and to have some fun at the beach and tan a bit. Nea Peramos is located just about 15 kilometers west from Kavala and it is easy to reach.

There are many different beach bars to choose from in lovely place. Each one has it’s own beach in front of it with sun beds and umbrellas. What I love the most is that these are free to use as soon as you order something to drink. And who wouldn’t order something refreshing to drink while on the beach? Mojito, Corona, Ice coffee? You name it! And if you ever feel hungry there are some places around that serve food too.

During my trip, I choose Peponi Beach Bar. In my opinion, it has one of the best sunbeds. Also if you happen to be a part of a big group of people you can make use of the tents, which have sunbeds and also some sand chair bags, only a few meters away from the sea waves. About 10 people can sit in one of those, and if you are a smaller company, for example, 4 people, you can still sit on those, you only need one bottle of Vodka to get it.

Pavel Angelov Peroni beach Nea ParamosLove Peroni beach Nea Paramos

If you’re into sports, there are several fields for beach volleyball. You can play with your friends or invite some strangers to play with you. It’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll always find players.And if you want something more relaxing you can rent a water bike and go farther in the sea and enjoy the view to the beach from there as well as some privacy.

Peroni beach Nea ParamosNea Paramos

Sometimes later at night, the parties will continue in Nea Peramos. Guest DJ’s are often invited to play music on the beach, and people from all over Greece, Bulgaria and other Balkan countries go there.

Boryana Atsalova Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos is a charming village with a lovely beach and will always be in my preferred one day trip list !

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    This place makes the best parties


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