Halkidiki peninsula

Halkidiki, or also spelled Chalkidi, is a peninsula situated in northern Greece and due to its easy access, no planes needed, no ferries needed and that makes it is a very popular tourist destination, especially for people from the Balkan countries, like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Albania, those will be the most common car registration plates you'll run into on Halkidiki.

Anyway, if you do travel by plane, Halkidiki is also easy to reach destinations. From the airport of Thessaloniki you'll have approximately 100 kilometer car ride and that's to the southern parts of the peninsula, if you stay in the northern parts the car ride would be like half of that.

Due its large size of almost 3000 square kilometers the peninsula offers many different resorts and many different types of beaches. Halkidiki is divided in two main and most commonly visited regions, Kassandra and Sithonia both are in the Aegean sea.

If you don't know Aegean sea is a very calm sea, there are almost no waves and if you're looking for water sports may not be the best destination. But if you are into diving there are several different towns and villages that offer that in Sithonia.

Both Kasandra and Sithinia are very beautiful, but offer very different type of vacation experience. While Kassandra is the party region, especially the small town of kallithea, which is mostly visited by younger tourist and has many beach bars and a few night clubs and the parties there can get pretty wild and if you haven't been to an open air party by the seaside, now is your chance, you won't be disappointed, believe me!

On the other side, the eastern region of Halkidi, Sithonia, offers a more relaxing type of vacation. Most of the beaches there a wild, they don't have many beach bars, even rarely you can find some and if they are more they're smaller caravans where you can buy few beverages and nothing fancy, but the beaches on the other hand are outstanding. My favorite place to stay in Sithonia is Ormos Panagias, a villay right in the middle of the region that has several picture perfect beaches in close proximity, like Mega Portokali Beach.

Mega Portokali Beach

So, you choose your region based on a few things, are you travelling with friends? Or are you travelling with family? Or do you want the more relaxing type of vacation where you just sit on the beach all day sunbathing and go early to bed or you want the type where.... you don't go to bed at all. The good news is that no matter where you decide to go you'll always enjoy the great Greek cuisine with amazing and fresh seafood for some of the most reasonable prices there are, and of course the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea.

Aegean sea crystal clear water

And if you ever decide to visit Halkidiki spare a day to visit Thessaloniki as well. As I mentioned above the city is within the 100 kilometer range or about an hour drive and if you are by car it would be a loss if don't visit it as well. Summer in Europe is almost over, but we have one more trip to make out of it, this would be I think our visit to the island of Zakynthos. Enjoy and travel!

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