Lefkada, Baller VS Budget

Hi guys, long time no see, we've been busy! Lots of new things, lots of new posts are on their way and this time we're not limiting ourselves just to Europe, we went overseas and soon you'll read many new interesting adventures.

Anyways, if you read our blog often, but now you'll now that we've been several times to Lefkada island and right now you're probably wondering what was different, well the answer to that is simple! Our last two visits we were on a tight budget, exploring the islands and enjoying its beauty, mostly like a backpack travellers. But this time, this time we knew exactly we need to see and what exactly we want to do and when you have a plan like that you don't waste time wandering on an island and have more time to spend at the hotel (villa in our case)! Sounds fun, doesn't it? But you would think not exactly, wait until you see the villa we rented.

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So for starters, I want to say that visiting a location on a budget is the best way to enjoy and explore most of it. When going as baller you turn attention to details, you need to know where you want to go and what you want to do. If you haven't done your homework and go somewhere spending like crazy you most probably will just waste your money. So my suggestion in this case is to visit one place on a budget first, maybe not that tight, something reasonable, explore the best of it and later return to enjoy it in a different way!

Going on your vacation with no budget the first thing you do has booked the crazies accommodation that you can find, yes I really mean the craziest! Usually you can't do that by going on a vacation with your significant other, because usually the craziest accommodation is villas made to fit several couples. Lucky me, this time we were four couples so it was really easy to afford a place like that.

We found that crazy villa situated on one of the most breathtaking places in Lefkada, Sivota bay. The location was simply perfect, on top of the hill with an outstanding view over the bay. Infinity pool, several bedrooms and bathrooms, barbeque and of course an amazing view, oh my, just look at what we were enjoying early in the morning while drinking our coffee.

View from our Lefkada Villa

The second best thing you can do when you don't have a budget, eat the best you can! For me personally that would be seen food, but in this case I want to share an amazing experience that we had in a restaurant in the capital of the island, Lefkada. We went to a place where there was no menu, the chef himself comes to your table and asks you how much you want to spend on food and drinks. Sounds strange, doesn't it? We of course asked him why, how much we want to spend matters and he answered that the amount won't affect the quality of our food but only the quantity. Skeptical about this place we decided not go crazy, but trust me the next time we did. The best home made food I've ever had! He prepared for us several different meals with different type of fish, seafood and meat just to show us the quality that this place offers. The experience, having the chef to communicate with you personally was great, and I highly recommend trying this placeif you ever visit Lefkada.

The third thing we did, that was a very different experience from what you can afford when going is on a budget, was of course visiting all the best beaches of that little paradise. Why is that difficult to do when you're on a budget you might wonder? And here is the answer, last times when we were there we were going a tour with a boat with tons of other people, but this time, this time we rented our own yacht with a captain. He asks us where we want to go and he takes us there. Having a private yacht is the best way to take amazing photos and enjoy the beaches of Lefkada. Why, you wonder? Because the group cruises depart and arrive at the same time on those beaches and they are crowded because of that, I mean really, really crowded. When you have your own private yacht you can easily escape those rush hours and enjoy those places in peace and quit.

A private beach on Lefkada island

And another great advantage is that having that private yacht with a captain you can visit beaches that are usually not accessed with group cruises and cars. Of course we didn't know about those places since the only way to visit them was with a private boat, but fortunately for us our captain decided to take us there and let us enjoy those places we've never before had heard of.

In conclusion I can say that there is a huge difference between the two types of experience you get (baller vs budget) and I can say that getting to know the best of both worlds is what I recommend, just have in mind that the best way to this is to first go budget and then go baller. Stay tuned to read soon about our overseas experience, Bahamas and Puerto Rico!

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