Mykonos has become a top destination for those seeking to have fun. Visited by different people of all ages, genders, sex orientation and backgrounds, Mykonos is a gem and one of Europe’s hottest places to be. The island is about 12 by 15 kilometres and we were able to cover more than 200 kilometres in a short period of time. We rented quad bikes, which is a lot of fun and a popular tourist transportation method on the island. With the quads we had all the freedom and flexibility and were able to see the best of Mykonos and this is something that we would definitely recommend.

Paradise beach - this is probably one of the most famous beaches of all Mykonos. It's located in a bay and hosts a number of beach bars. The party here starts at noon and doesn't stop until everybody is gone (and that's after midnight), but then it continues at the Paradise Beach Club until sunrise.

paradise beachc clubPavel Angelov and Vladimir Teodosiev

Super Paradise or the most sinful paradise - a beach for the open minded people, so if you have more conservative views or young children you should think twice. The beach is synonymous with the word party itself and the fun starts in the morning until late at night. This the perfect place for relentless fun and a great opportunity to mix up with some clubbers, models and celebrities.

Cavo Paradiso Club – The club is considered one of the most remarkable venues globally. Due to its position, the club offers a truly magical atmosphere and the opportunity of partying late enough to be able to see the sunrise from the horizon, which is so exceptionally unique that it simply must be experienced. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to do so, but we will be back in 2017 and are looking forward to embracing this magical atmosphere creating memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

Mykonos island map

Elia beach – is an amazing beach with its soft golden sands and crystal clear water. The beach line is really long so you can meet a lot of people here. Also there is a tavern on the beach so you won't stay hungry for too long. The more adventurous can take advantage of the water activities Elia beach has to offer such as renting a jet ski. However, do bear in mind that a sunbed here is 25 euros and it doesn’t matter whether you come in the morning or late in the afternoon. I spoke to the waitress and deployed my best negotiation skills and was under a blissful illusion that if we order some drinks we can get a sunbed from the second or third line for free. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, but I took my frustration out on the Jet Ski and consequently I had shaky hands for the following couple of days.

Elia beach Mykonos

Vladimir Teodosiev jet ski on Elia beach Mykonos

Agrari beach – located in close proximity to Elia is Agrari beach. The beach is vast and similar to Elia it has fine gold sand. The geographical properties of the beach make it a per-fect place for swimming. The atmosphere is relaxing, which makes it a perfect rejuvenation spot after a long night of partying.

Agrari beach Mykonos

Kalafati beach - located at the south-eastern part of the island. It's a small beach, peaceful beach, which is not overcrowded and that makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and recovery after partying all night at Paradise beach. It is also a wind-surfing spot.

quads on Kalafati beach MykonosPavel Angelov Kalafati beach Mykonos

Kalafati beach Mykonos

Paralia Kalo Livadi – is what looks like a really nice beach. We were only able to take a few photos here and didn’t get the chance to go for a swim, but as you can see the beach line is vast and the water crystal clear. Unlike Elia as far as we understand the sunbeds here are tiered, so there is more choice for those on a budget.

Paralia Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Vladimir Teodosiev Paralia Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Armenistis light house - this is an abandoned lighthouse, which stands like a watchman over the island and as a testament of the maritime past of Mykonos. The view is definitely worth it and we took a few photos as well as a time-lapse that captured a ferry passing in the distant horizon. 

Armenistis light house Mykonos

Vladimir Teodosiev Armenistis light house Mykonos

Mykonos city centre - all those white buildings and blue windows make the city centre glow both at night and throughout the day. The city centre also has a number of hot party spots, such as the "Queen of Mykonos" and” Bonbonniere" that you should visit, if you're not on a budget of course. During the day you can treat yourself with a lunch at the bay called the "Little Venice" and listen to the waves crushing as the shore brings a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Mykonos city at nightMykonos city at night

The Windmills – Not far away from the “Little Venice” stand the windmills of Mykonos another great place for taking a couple of photos.

windmills Mykonos

Overall, we spent 5 days in Mykonos. The time was enough to visit all of the above and we look forward to going back for more action next year.  Hopefully, this time will be able to meet in person one of the symbols of the island - the mayor of Mykonos Peter the Pelican.
During our pleasant stay in Mykonos we chose Makis Place. The hotel is located just next to the new port of Mykonos island, in Tourlos. The personnel were extremely friendly and made us feel at home. The cuisine was also fantastic and there was plenty of choice. The facilities were fantastic and we spent a lot of time by the pool where you are able to observe the port and the crossing ferries.

Makis place Mykonos

P.S. a quick sum up of how a day in mykonos goes by

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