Rhodes historical sites

There are literally tens of landmarks that deserve to be seen on Rhodes island, unfortunately for our "short" stay of seven nights it turned out to be not nearly enough to visit all that we wanted, but at least we got to see the major historical sights for that time. Many of them are situated in or in a close range of the capital city of the island of Rhodes with the same name.

Old Town of Rhodes - located in the center of the city of Rhodes is the Old Town. A huge area is surrounded by high walls and can take your breath away just by walking inside of it. Now the streets are full of gift shops and restaurants and are very crowded in high seasons nights, but are still an amazing place to look for a gift for someone or to have dinner. I don't recommend in during the day, because of the walls, no wind enters the area and it can get quite hot. Spend few hours in the evening walking around the streets to feel the energy and the spirit of the city.

Old town of Rhodes

Street of the Knights - walking on the street of knights will lead you the palace of the grand master of knights of Rhodes, another one of our top picks of the islands historical sights. The street is located in the old town of Rhodes so it's impossible to miss it.

Street of Knights

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes - an UNESCO world heritage and a unique sight to visit on Rhodes island. Another landmark that's impossible to miss, not only because it should be on your list, but because it's also situated inside the old town of Rhodes. If you enter the old town from port from the bottom and follow the street of knihgts you'll end at the palace.

Palace of the Grand Master of Knights in Rhodes island

Monolithos Castle - a village of Monolithos is located in the south Aegean region and it's home to a medieval castle build on top of 100m rock. Never in the history of Rhodes was that castle conquered. Now only ruins remain, but it's also a must visit historical attraction and also a place where you can take some amazing shots. Also, it's located on the west side of the island so sunsets are amazing there!

Monolithos castle

Monastery Tsambika - on your way to Lindos city, just before the turn to Tsambiki beach make sure to visit the monastery of Tsambika. You can go almost up the mountain, almost to the top where the monastery is located, but not all the way up, you'll have to make some efforts as well, climbing the 350 stairs from the parking to the monastery, but trust me, it's worth it! Spectacular views will be revealed before your eyes, sped some time to enjoy them and make some beautiful, memorable pictures.

The Acropolis of Lindos - on about one hour drive (~50 kilometers distance) from Rhodes city, up on the hills of the city of Lindos is situated the Acropolis of Lindos. A place that reveals some breathtaking views and it's a must see landmark on Rhodes island. There is a small fee, however to enter the premises of the acropolis and enjoy all of that, and also have in mind it doesn't stay open till late nights so better go there in the morning to have enough time to enjoy the acropolis and the views. And if you're up to some sun bathing area are two very cool beaches near Lindos that you can visit after that.

Acropolis of Lindos

And just to disappoint you all in the end nothing can be seen from the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, no ruins no nothing. However, make sure you visit the port of Rhodes, where it's supposed to have been located.

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