Santorini, Cyclades islands pearl

Santorini has been on my bucket list for ages, the moment I first saw pictures of that glorious island with it's amazing views I wanted to visit it. Several were the reasons that were pulling me back to an earlier visit but finally I fulfilled my goal and all of my expectations where justified.

I believe that to enjoy a place like this you need to have an exclusive room, meaning a room with a hot tub or even better a private pool. As you can imagine, that can get quite pricy and that’s why I decided to visit Santorini island in low season or in other words in mid April.

We found a room with our requirements at a reasonable price in Imerovigli, a small village about 1.8 kilometers from the capital of the Island, Thira. I personally think the location was great since it was away from the noise but on a 20-25 minutes walk if you’re seeking for a nice restaurant or bar. Not to mention the road that takes us to Thira had an amazing view over Caldera all the time.

View from Kasimat suites in Immerovigli

We spent a total of 4 nights on the island and I think that time could be enough to enjoy and view all the island sightseeing even though we couldn’t see and do everything due the windy weather we had during our stay, as I mentioned it was in mid April and the weather was still not good enough.

We landed early in the morning, we checked into our hotel and had some spare time to enjoy the hot tub with outstanding view and warm water. We even got to have some sleep before lunch time and fortunately that gave us enough energy for the rest of the day.

When we loke up it was about 1:00 pm, we headed to the capital of the island Thira for some lunch. We enjoyed some local Greek and sea food at a restaurant with Caldera view and after that a walk in the city, nothing special but we were still a little tired. Anyways we decided we need to get some proper sleep so we can enjoy better the day after, to the hot tub it is, again!

Important note: Buy the local beer, Donkey. Several types are available, White Donkey, Red Donkey, Yellow Donkey and Crazy Donkey. Go with thee crazy one, trust me, we’ve tried them all, Crazy Donkey has a taste really different from the typical beer!

Cray Doneky beer

After a good and long night sleep we started our second day with breakfast in our room by the hot tub and the amazing view, thanks Kasimatis suites. After that we headed to Thira to get the local bus to Oia. The public transport is at a reasonably price of 1.8 euro per person and they are on every 30 minutes so no rush for that, working from early morning to late evenings.

After about 10 kilometers we reached Oia just in time for lunch. We found again a nice restaurant with amazing view and of course had some typical Greek cuisine, or should I say typical Santorini cuisine, Fava and Tomato balls for appetizers, things you should try if you ever visit this island, you won't regret it!

After lunch we had a nice walk in the city of Oia which I must say is really beautiful, I preferred it better than Thira, it is not that crowded but still charming. Oia is famous for it’s sunsets so if you ever go there stay until the sun goes down so you can enjoy the lovely colors of the sunset.

The famous sunset in Oia

On the third day, after breakfast, we again went to Thira. This time we took the 588 steps down to the port of the capital. The place where many cruise ships stop to unload their passengers to Santorini. There are three ways to get passed those steps. By foot, by lift or by donkey, yes donkey. This is one of Santorini charms, for the price of 6 euro you get on a donkey and enjoy a 10 minute ride down or up the stairs, don’t worry, it’s complete safe, though I swear I was some people screaming.

People riding the donkeys on the steps to Thira

We had some fresh fish by the port and then headed up again to enjoy the views from the top, I can’t really describe that feeling seeing cruise ships on the horizons and Caldera behind them, something you have to see for yourselves.

Our fourth day was not very different from the third. We couldn’t really do much more since the weather was windy and thus a cruise tour was out of the question, though the offers they had were really, really great. And having no car and going to the famous beaches Red and Black was also out of the question. Maybe a public transports wasn’t such a bad idea but it was not that hot for sunbathing anyways, so we skipped that as well.

In conclusion I would rate Santorini island as one of the best islands in Greece and one the best I have ever been to for it’s amazing views, glamorous cities, delicious food and great facilities. Looking forward to visiting it again, but hopefully this time in high season.

Important note: Try the ice cream, they have olive flavored ice cream, yes olive! And many other interesting tastes I hadn’t really seen before, trust me on this one!

Olive flavored ice cream in Santorini Island

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