Skiathos and the romantic anniversary

Skiathos island has a reputation of a very romantic place, maybe because a part of the film Mamma Mia! took place here or maybe because a number of peoplehave told me this. I had to see this for myself, so here's how our trip began.

First, I want to start by telling you that Skiathos island appeared difficult to get to. We were at port of Volos on Saturday morning, and I wanted us to board the first ferryboat at 7:45, but there were no places. In fact, there were no places for cars until the next day, and our reservation couldn't wait, so we chose to leave our car at the port. Hence, yes it is good idea to book tickets online, so you avoid such situations. Don't make my mistakes!

Anyway, we bought tickets for a speed boat that crosses the distance from Volos port to Skiathos island in half of the time that ferry passes, a small win for us! It only took us 1:15 hours or 1/2 the time it was going to take if we had the car with us.

Speed boat from Volos to Skiathos

As soon as we arrived at the port of Skiathos, we could feel the vibe of the island! We were happy with our destination choice, and the best was yet to come!

Skiathos port

By this point, we were starving as we only had a small breakfast and that was more than 6 hours ago. Hence, we decided to grab a bite before checking in. In fact, we were so hungry that we picked the first restaurant that appealed to us and again we weren’t disappointed as the food was great. In my humble opinion, this might as well be the best gyros I've had so far! Good job to El Greco Skiathos.

Gyros in Skiathos by El Greco

After powering up, we headed to our hotel, which was about 7 kilometers away from the port. We were carrying a lot of luggage with us, so - taxi it is. We shared a cab with a sweet couple from Germany. Sharing cabs on the Greek islands is widespread. Sometimes there aren’t very many cars available, but many tourists - and time is valuable). The price for our ride was fairly reasonable - 15 euro.

Once we checked in our hotel, Margi House, we took, a moment to appreciate the great view from our room! Our mood was up, but we did need some time to recharge our batteries for the day ahead. That is why we stayed by the pool and relaxed.

Margi House

The next day, we woke up fresh and ready for new adventures. We made ourselves some coffee and enjoyed a light fruit dominating breakfast with a great view.

Since we left our car at the port of Volos, we had to come up with a form of transportation while on the island. We were lucky as there were some quad bikes available and sometimes this isn’t the case, especially when in its high season. The staff were great and even rode the quads to our hotel- thanks a lot for that!

Another option to travel the island is by bus. The whole south coast is serviced by a bus line, and there are stops at every beach and village you can think of, which makes it a great budget option!


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Our first stop on the list was Koukounaries beach.The beach line was long and sandy, so we were off to a good start for the day!

Koukounaries beach Skiathos

We didn’t like that it was a little bit too crowded for our taste, so we spent no more than two hours here before heading to our next beach- Banana beach.

Banana beach has a beach bar with some great music and fewer people. We enjoyed a couple of hours here as well. The next time we visit Skiathos we will make sure to visit Lalaria beach. Lalaria is one of the most famous on the island and accessible only by boat.

Banana beach SkiathosBanana beach

It was time for us to head back to the hotel and get ready for the evening and the Skiathos city experience. On our way back, we stopped by another beach- Xenia beach. It hosted great views and another great beach bar.

Xenia Beach Mistiuqe beach bar

On the way back we had a little accident with the quad though. When we tried to start it, for no reason, it started smoking... a lot. We called the agency they came to take a look at it. Somehow, the lights module overheated and they replaced our quad with another one. Hopefully, no harm was done and again thanks to the guys for their quick reaction.

We went back to our hotel, had a nice cold shower and dressed to impress! This was our first anniversary, and the romance of Skiathos city awaited us. The city has a really nice atmosphere, so I definitely recommend it as couples destination.

We had some sea food for dinner and enjoyed ourselves at a bar on the port Marilyn. A really fancy place, where you can find cocktails for the price of 15-20 euro to champagne bottles for 1250 euro.

Follow me to Skiathos island

The next day, we slept a bit more and woke up around 9ish. First, we decided to visit the beaches from yesterday, but on our way, we also stopped at some other beaches like the beach Torlous which also has fine and soft sand but wasn't quite to our taste.That is why we headed to Banana beach again.

In the afternoon, we visited the Evangelistria Monastery, which is not the only one on the island, but the most famous one. Located several kilometers from the port of Skiathos port, it takes no more than 10 minutes to drive to it. The monastery wasn’t big, but you could feel the spirit of Greek monasteries, like those in Meteora.

Evangelistria Monastery SkiathosEvangelistria Monastery Skiathos

This was our final day, so dinner in Skiathos city center was in order after our little tour. We indulged ourselves with fresh fish, shrimps, and calamari. Greeks really do know how to cook their sea food! A short walk was due to help us digest dinner, which was also the time for some pictures. That was it, we called it a night since tomorrow another island awaited us. Skopelos here we come!

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  • Ilene

    First, LOVE your blog. I love the look of it. I am in awe of your photography. What a difference good photos make. Great information and I have to say, I never knew the island exhisted!!


  • Megan

    This is a great tour of the island, and I didn't know about this island either. Never picked up that this was where Mama Mia took place. Beautiful place!


  • Michael

    Never heard of this island, the views are stunning! I love gyro, and beaches, so maybe I'll have to make the visit!


  • My Travelogue by Bhushavali

    Thanks for the tips, esp about reserving for the 1st ferry! The food looks yummm and the hotel looks stunning! The view of the sea is just spectacular. The quad bikes are indeed supercool!


  • Chris

    Skiathos is amazing. It's getting more and more popular every year and for a good reason. Isn't island hopping great?


    • Pavel Angelov

      Just great. And yes, Skiathos is getting fame by the day, but well deserved one. Greece has many gems, most of which are hidden and we try to show them to the world!

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