The Blue Caves of Zakynthos

The Blue caves of Zakynthos are one of the most significant and astonishing sightseeing in the island of Zante, along with Navaggio (the shipwreck beach) and turtle island. One was must spend a share amount of time with them when traveling to the beautiful Greek island.

Situated near Navaggio it makes them easily accessible, well, it's not that easy, because you actually have to rent a boat or go on a public cruise (I do recommend renting a private smaller boat) to get to there, but they are included in all day cruises and if you do go to Navaggio you will for sure past them as well.

The reason I recommend a smaller cruise, or even better, a private boat, is because the smaller ones can actually enter the caves itself and even pass through some of the rock formations and you'll see landscapes like no other.

Blue Caves of Zakynthos

See that turquoise glow of the water? It really looks like this! Amazing, right? Unfortunately, as many times I've tried, I've failed to take a nice shot inside the cave formation. The light there is very low and the glow of the water cannot be captured like outside.

Oh, I forgot to mention the biggest advantage when going with a small or private boat, yes, they do go in the caves, but even better is that they usually stop for like 15 minutes or so, with private boat may even be up to you how much time you want to spend there, and take a swim in the caves with the glowing water, how cool is that? So bring your snorkels, it's time for diving!

So if you do decide to take my advice for granted, I highly recommend going to Agios Nikolaos from where you can take your boat, you can also do it from Zakynthos city or probably some other ports of the island, but going to the port of Agios Nikolaos, you have just around 15 minutes boat ride and the boats as I mentioned are small and not that comfortable so it's better to have a shorter ride. Oh, and another thing, when driving the road to Agios Nikolaos, no matter if you're with a car or with a quad you'll pass some great panoramic landscapes as well.

Also the port of Agios Nikolaos has a few very nice restaurants with outstanding views where you can have a cold beer, cyder, or if you're hungry can have some great lunch.

Agios Nikolaos port in Zakynthos

When you finish with your trip, drinks or lunch you can also visit Cape Skinari, it's just few kilometers away from the port of Agios Nikolaos. When you get there you'll see the lighthouse followed by really nice steps leading to the water. The steps are an amazing picturesque location and I highly recommend spending some time there.

And if you're looking for the best beaches of Zante island, check my post Top beaches of Zakynthos or if you're seeking other types of activities read the one with title List of top things to do in Zakynthos.

Zakynthos is one of my favorite places in Greece, I've there several times and I'm planning to go on another trip this summer. The has a lot to offer and in combination of the Greek hospitality and cuisine, it's a perfect place to get some rest and a nice tan.

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