The Corfu experience

As you may know by know I have this ambitious dream of paying a visit to all of the Greek islands. Whilst this dream is not yet complete, I'm now one step closer as all of the Ionian islands are now checked. If you follow our blog you'll know that Corfu was the first stop from my bucket list post New year, new list of Greek islands to visit.

Every year, the summer season starts earlier for me as I visit a sea destination, last year it was Zante and this year was Corfu. As I actually live in Bulgaria and I'm close to Greece I choose to travel by car most of the time. The distance between my hometown and the port of Igoumenitsa, where you can jum on a ferry to Corfu, is only about 500 kilometers and driven mostly on highways. This makes my journey, no more than a 5 hour drive. The ferry to Kerkyra took another hour or so and around a total of 6 hours or so we reached the capital of Corfu island.

*Important note, in case you are driving like me, do bring more cash with you since I had some trouble paying by card, the highways did not accept card payments as well as the port.

As soon as we arrived we quickly checked into our hotel, Molfetta Beach Hotel, which was in the village of Gouvia, about 10 kilometers from Kerkyra's port. I was able to secure a great deal on our booking, since it was early season and the prices were favourable. The hotel was great and I'd definitely will recommend it.

Molfetta Beach Hotel Gouvia

Time was passing quickly and we had no time to spare since our stay on the island was for four nights, but we set to see and do many places and activities. That's why we quickly put our bathing suits on and headed to the first beach on our list, Paleokastritsa. It was about 12 kilometers from out accommodation, so having a car was indeed handy.

The beach there was kind of crowded as it's one of the most famous on the island. However, that didn't prevent us from having a great time and taking some great photos.

Paleokastritsa beach

We spent about 4 hours at this amazing bay. By the time we got back to the hotel it was passing 8:30 PM, so decided to dine and indulge ourselves with a couple of drinks before we call it a night and rest well for the day to come.

The next day the weather was cold and cloudy. Fortunately, there is more to see in Corfu than beaches. That is how we found ourselves at the Achillion palace, located at the village of Gastouri, 10kms from Kerkyra and about 20kms from our hotel at Gouvia. The palace is located in the mountain and there is an eight euro entrence fee, which is totally worth it! Achillion is now a museum and it's a good historical place to visit. Not to mention the garden and the spectacular view from it. Simply amazing! I can't imagine what it would be like on a sunny day!

Achillion palaceAchillion palace

Our palace tour took a few hours before we headed to the old town of Corfu. The must see sight ther is the fortress, you can't miss it!

There is a small entrance fee of around 6 euros there. However, it's a must vist if you find yourself on this lovely island. There is a church inside the fortress, saint George's church, and when you climb to the top of the fotress a lovely view over Kerkyra reveals before your eyes.

Corfu fortress

Another must do activity when in Corfu is to have a walk in the city center. There is a lovely pedestrianized zone with lots of shops and cafes. It's a very romantic place to be, especially when you are with the one you love.

Love in old town CorfuCoffe in Corfu old town

We finished our day with some ice cream and traditional greek coffee. If you are fond of ice cream you should try a kumquat flavoured one. It's a typical sweet greek fruit and one you can also buy separately too (see below).

Kumquat fruit

Our third day was dedicated to one of the most famous and romantic beaches to be found in Corfu- Canal D'Amour.  We had to travel about 40 minutes by car to get there as it was located around 25 kms from our hotel, but driving on the roads was actually slow. The beach did not disappoint and the view was spectacular. Another must visit place when in Corfu!

Chanel Of Love Corfu

Follow me to Chanel Of Love Corfu

We spent our whole day at the Canal D'Amour beach, with plenty of beach bars and nice music around the time passed quickly.

On our fourth and last day we got on a cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos. There were lots of amazing beaches there too. Hence I separate blog post Cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos since there are many things to see and say and we also took a lot of pictures.  A boat ride in the sea is another must when visiting a Greek island.

After the cruise we were fairly exhausted and went straight to our hotel to get some rest. We had the journey back home before us the very next day and getting some rest was the right thing to do.

Igumentisa ferry ride

That was the end of our trip. Corfu is an amazing island and I would love to go back someday. Now we're left only with the memories of our trip and the anticipation for our next adventure which will be on the island of Thasos, as a matter of fact we will be there next week!Stay tuned and prepare for summer 2017!

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