The top 5 beaches of Lefkada in the Greek Ionian Sea

Lefkada island is known to be one the islands with fantastic beaches, not only in the Ionian sea but as well in Greece. I visited Lefkada a few years ago, and after that, I’ve visited several more islands like Thassos, Corfu, Skopelos, Skiathos, Mykonos, Zante, Paxos, and Antipaxos, but I’ve never seen beaches as good as the ones I saw in Lefkada. Hence, I decided to take the time and write this post and share my experience with you. Below is the list of the 5 top beaches in Lefkada.

1. Porto Katsiki – located at the south-eastern side of the island and for a reason this beach takes the first spot on top of the list. Porto Katsiki is probably the best-known beach in Lefkada. Daily cruises often bring groups of tourists where they can enjoy its beauty for a few hours. However, I would personally recommend that you visit by car spend some more time here if possible- it’s worth it!

There is a road that leads directly to the beach, and also parking is present, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your car. The beach is perfect for snorkeling since there are many rocks and you can swim around them looking for hidden treasures. Have in mind the actual position of this beach – you won’t see the sun here in the early morning hours, but since it gets hectic by noon you probably won’t have a place to park or even worse a place to put down your beach towel and greedily embrace the sun rays. The beach line is covered with small white rocks, so yes it is not a sandy beach, but walking on those rocks is amazing

Porto Katsiki beach

2. Egremni – second on the list, but I have to say first in my heart. This lovely beach was partly destroyed in the earthquake of October 2015. However, there still is a way to get to this beach, and I strongly recommend that you do so. The beach line is incredibly long with soft sand (something that you don’t often see in this part of Greece) and getting closer to the water you will see some tiny white rocks that massage your feet. This beach is situated right above Porto Katsiki and also has a road and a parking lot where you can leave your car. There used to be a tavern next to the parking area, but I’m not sure if it’s still there after the earthquake. The place is not suitable for water sports, but it’s more than perfect for relaxation, and in fact, you may well be tempted to spend your whole day here.

Egremni beach

3. Kathisma – third on my list is Kathisma beach. Another fantastic place to spend an entire day just sunbathing and listening to the sound of the waves. This beach is situated a few kilometers above Egremni and also boasts a very long beach line with soft sand and white stones. The water has this turquoise color, which is specific for the Ionian sea. It is easy to reach by car, and this indeed is one of the most desired beaches in Lefkada. Few taverns are in order, so when you decide to have a bit of seafood, it won’t be an issue. The water in this part of Greece is usually very calm, so overall Lefkada is a good choice for your next holiday destination!

Milos beach

Photo by A. Mahleliev

4. Milos – located on the northern-east side of the islands, Milos is the fourth beach I’d like to recommend on my list. The unique turquoise sea water can be seen below, and it also hosts a rare sandy beach line. Milos is a calmer and less popular beach so you won’t find a tavern here, but it’s another fantastic spot to spend the day. Parking is easily found near the beach in case you are traveling by car. The whole beachis a free zone, so you won’t find any umbrellas here or sunbeds. Have that in mind if you enjoy these conveniences.

Kathisma beachKathisma beach

Photos by A. Mahleliev

5. Vasiliki – the fifth and last beach I’d recommend when in Lefkada is the one in Vasiliki, named after the village itself. This is the only beach that offers water sports. If you are the type of tourist that doesn’t like to travel on his vacation but set up a camp, this is the place for you. You can rent a room in Vasiliki, and just few hundred meters from it enjoy a nice beach line, probably some windsurf or some other water sport. Food is found here on every corner, typical Greek cuisine, seafood you name it- it’s all there waiting for you.

Vasiliki beach

Photo by A. Mahleliev

As you know by now the best beaches are all located on the east shore. Make a smart booking choice so you don’t have to travel long time to get to them. I personally would recommend  that you stay in Vasiliki, but there are other options as well. Have fun and enjoy the sea!

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