Top beaches of Corfu

The northernmost Greek island of the Ioniansea and one of the biggest of them. Corfu is known as the "green" island for its rich nature and forests. There are many things you can do on the island and it also offers a pretty good night life in the capital Kerkira, but if you want to know more about other island rather the beaches, make sure you read the post from our trip, The Corfu experience, nevertheless, here are the top beaches of Corfu island!

Marathias Beach - located on the south-west part of the island, a beach long beach line with a silky soft sand. Easy to get to by car and has as well as commercial area with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a free zone for all those who want to be closer to the nature. There are several taverns in the area and you can easily spend your whole day there without warring for food or drinks.

Rovinia Beach - situated on a bay on the west side of the island, north-west that is, a small beach in the bay and maybe the ones that has the most beautiful waters of all on Coru island. The beach is very small and it consists of just a free zone, no sunbeds and umbrellas or beach bars, which actually makes it even more pleasant to enjoy and feel the real island vibe. A must visit place at least once during your stay on Corfu island. On our last visit some time ago we spend there the whole day.

Issos Beach - maybe the one of the longest beach lines if not the longest on Corfu island. Situated on the southeast side of the island and among some kind of dunes, basically everything you see around you is sand and in the background, far away you can can see the mountains of Corfu islands. Easily accessed by car, last time we visited the beach consisted of only free zone.

Canal D'Amour - probably the most notable of all beaches in Corfu island. Situated on the north side of the island, an amazing rock formation with a small sandy beach. Looking like a canal, thus the name Canal of Love, literally translated, a beautiful place to visit and spend some time. You can go on the beach or just visit a tavern on op of the rocks with some great views. And right next to the canal itself is a big commercial beach with beach bars and sunbeds if you don't want to lie on the sand or spend your time at the tavern.

Ampelaki Beach - another one very beautiful beach, situated in the middle of the island and again on the west shore, most of the best  beaches on Corfu island are located on the west shore. Positioned in a bay, the beach is very small and it's a little rocky, but the waters are amazing. The same  turquoise color typical for all the bays in the Ionian sea, simply amazing.
Kaminaki Beach.

Corfu island offers many, many beaches along the east and west side of the islands. It's possible to visit them all if you have one week or so.  We spend on the island a total of 5 days, but no matter how much you stay I highly recommend to take a day cruise to the island of Paxos and Antipaxos, you won't regret it! Check out our post, Cruise to Paxos and Antipaxos for more information.

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