Top beaches of Kefalonia

One of the six largest Greek island of the Ionian sea, with a square space of 786.6 km². Situated between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos, Kefalonia offers more than 40 beaches to its visitors and lots of activities on the island premises, not to mention the countless cruise trips that are done daily.

The top beaches, according to our travel experience, can help you make the best suitable accommodation for your taste and you can have the most desired ones in your back yard.

Myrtos beach - it's no wonder we start our list with this beach as it's also the cover photo of this post. Myrtos beach is one of the most amazing on Kefalonia island. Situated on the north-west part of the island, it's easy to reach to not only by boat but with car as well. Positioned in a bay, it has a tremendously long beach line, covered with very small white rocks, very similar to many of the beaches in the Ionian sea, like Porto Katsiki and Egremni on Lefkada island and Navaggio (shipwrek) on Zakynthos island. The beach has free as well as paid zone. You can bring your own umbrella and sit on the sand or you can rent a sunbed, base on your preferences.

Myrtos beach Kefalonia

Petani beach - again situated on the west shore of the island, but this time centered, the beach is again easy to get to by car or by boat, depending your availability on the island, I personally prefer quads and the Greek island, with them I can go basically everywhere. Similar to Myrtos it consists of small rocks and has a paid as well as a free zone. Several taverens to take care of your needs if don't have any food with you. Usually when I go to such places I bring a bottle of prosecco or white wine and some sandwiches in case we get hungry.

Petani beach Kefalonia

Skala beach - moving to the south part of the island, Skala beach is located within the city of Skala. If you're looking for a an accommodation which has basically its own beach line, that's the place. Skala city, more like a village, is not very big and it won't feel overcrowded, it's a little bit further away from the beaches on the list above, but you'll have your beach within a walking distance. It also has several taverns and beach bars, not to mention that it's in the city and there plenty other places to grab a bite to eat there or buy something you need.

Makris Gialos beach - situated on the south-west side of the island, within the city of Argostolion, which is a perfect place for accommodation. Close to all of the above beaches, but you probably won't need them daily since Makris Gialos is all that you would need. It has beach bars, taverns, free and paid zone and not to mention that it's one of the places where you can rent jet skis and other water sports tools.

city of Argostolion Kefalonia

Platia Ammos beach - a wonderful beach and again situated on the west shore of the island. In close proximity to most of the beaches above, if you want to visit more than one in a day, you can easily combine with some others. The issue here actually is that you can there only by boat, which means no beach bars, no taverns, no paid zone, so if you're looking for sunbeds you might want to choose some of the above mentioned beaches, but it's a really nice place if you want to get away from the crowds and find a little privacy.

As I mentioned above Kefalonia is a really big island and has many more beaches, which can't make our list since you would need a month maybe to visit them all. However, those are our top picks and will find many more on your way to those beaches, some of them do deserve to spend a half on hour or so on them. Enjoy your time!

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