Top beaches of Thassos

Golden Beach - during our stay at Skala Potamia, Golden beach was our back yard beach. Just a couple of hundred meters from our hotel. A long, sandy beach line full of beach bars an tavern. Skala Potamia is a great place to stay with family, especially with small kids. The beach is great, and the are is very communicative, very close to the capital city, Thasos.

Metalia Beach - located on the south side of the island, just few kilometers from Giola. The beach is situated on a bay and thus the water has that typical  turquoise color as you see on most of the bays in Greece. The beach line consists of sand, not the soften one, but still and it has as well as commercial area with sunbeds and umbrellas and a free public zone where you go lay on your towel, bring your own food, wine, umbrella or whatever you're into.

Paradise Beach - my personal favorite, located on the east side of the island. A beach situated on a bay with a beach bar/tavern on its premises. A wonderful place to get some real rest and enjoy some good food as well sandy beach. Interesting fact was that the beach was full of cats, there literally tens of cats near the tavern and on the beach, I don't know if the owners feed them or they just pass by this area because of tourists, but if you're a cat person that place would be like heaven for you.

Paradise Beach Thasos Island

Elia Beach - situated on the north shore of the island, very close to the capital city, Thasos. A more commercial beach, full of sunbeds and umbrellas and very close to the road. Not exactly my type of beach, but it has nice sand and it's certainly more comfortable to lie on a sunbed rather than on a towel at the beach. It has several taverns near it so you won't stay hungry for sure.

Marble beach - located near a marble mine, thus the name of the beach, is a small beach near the port of Thassos island and the capital city Thasos. Just 8-10 kilometers south from the town. Unfortunately the road to get to there is not very enjoying to drive and your car will be all covered in white dust from the marble, but the beach is one of the places in Thassos island and it's a must visit spot. Separated by two main beach lines and two beach bars on a couple of hundred meters from one another, Marble beach is a very picturesque place and you will get some great shots for your instagram account, as many travelers seek for nowadays.

Giola - not a beach, but a very interesting formation in the rocks with fresh sea water. Amazing landscape and if you're into cliff diving a great place to visit and shoot some great extreme videos. Situated right below Paradise beach another great place to visit. You can sunbathe on the rocks or just do some cliff diving, whatever you're into, just make sure you bring your camera with you, just because that place is amazing!

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