Top beaches of Zakynthos

I have visited Zante islands several times, this summer will be my third actually. You are probably wondering why I visit the same place  over and over again? Well, same as Lefkada island, which I've visited several times, Zante, offers the all-in-one package. You name it, it has it! 

If You're looking for  a place to go with kids, or you just want to go somewhere with your significant other, or maybe you want to party? Zakynthos offers all of those things! And not to mention it's really easy for me since I live in Bulgaria and I have just like 700 kilometers to get to there, makes it even better.

Anyway, the why is not important, I noticed that I haven't told you guys which are the best beaches of the island, so here is my list.

Navaggio beach, also known as shipwreck beach - it's no wonder I'm starting off with Naviggio beach. This is the most significant landmark of the island, but that's not the why, the why is because the beach is located in a bay and makes the water with that amazing blue/gree torquoise color.

The beach is with small white rocks instead of sand and makes a little bit harder to walk and that comfortable to lie on, but as I think about most of the best beaches in Greece are like that. You can go there only by boat, I consider that a plus, because if you can rent a private boat and go there early in the morning you'll have the beach all to yourself until like lunch time.

Most day cruises and boat that go there start at about 10:00 or later and they need some time to reach it. And also they leave early and when they go and can have the beach again for yourself in the late afternoon.

Navaggio beach

Xigia beach - now that would be my favorite beach of all on Zante island! Accessible by car, very small beach with amazing landscape. There are no beach bars etc. just you and the sea. The problem here is that beach does get crowded, especially in the afternoons. Many groups of tourists come with buses and when they do there is no place for you, or at least that's what I think!

Xigia beach

Cameo island Agios Sostis - ah, Cameo island, the party place! The beach is located on a very small private island, you pass through a wooden bridge to get to there. A very small beach and it's more interesting during night time. There are parties thrown there after the sun sets and if you want to enjoy some nice music, have a few drinks and you want to that near the beach, that's the place to go, or even better stay there the whole day, sunbate and maybe start the party from early in morning until late in night.

Bridge to Cameo island

Banana beach - yes, it's named Banana! Situated in Vasiliki, that's the place you want to go if you're looking for a sandy beach. It has a very wide and long beach line. It's not among my favorites to be honest, since it's a very commercial beach, with sunbeds, and yes, there are a few beach bars near it, but it's not why I like Zakynthos, I give it an honarable mention for its sands and sunbeds, maybe you guys are into that!

There are many others in that sense of matter, but those I ones I rate as the top beaches of Zakynthos and the ones I think everybody should visit during their stay on Zante.

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