Top foods of Greece

I’m a big fan of the Greek cuisine. There are plenty of national dishes that are well known, but I have never been disappointed by any of the local recipes I have tried. Whether I visit a new Greek destination or in some case a place, I’ve been to already, seeking the best of the local cuisine is always a good way to complement the way you experience a destination. I’d like to share my list of top foods to eat, when in Greece.

Seafood – of course, when you’re in the Mediterranean seafood definitely tops the list. Fresh fish, octopus, squid, mussels, and shrimps you name it. Fried baked or cooked in any possible it doesn’t matter. You find it fresh and delicious in Greece. Make sure you speak to the members of staff, and they will explain the options and give you some great recommendations.

Sea food, shrims, fish, mussels, fish, squid

Greek salad – the queen of all Greek salads! It is made out of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, feta cheese and olive oil. It is a light dish that will make a warm summer day even more enjoyable!

Greek salad

Tzatziki – an appetizer of creamy cucumber - yogurt dip flavored with garlic served on the side with pita bread for dipping and often used to compliment souvlaki and gyros.

Gyros – served on pita bread, gyros are the most popular fast food in Greece. Roasted and sliced meat with vegetables and sauces and tzatziki on the side will help you recover some of your strength after a long day on the beach.  Gyros are very, very delicious an also the best food money can buy in Greece if you are on a budget.


Souvlaki – very much like gyros, but the meat is grilled and served on a skewer. Often has Often fried potatoes and tzatziki accompanies the souvlaki on the side. Souvlaki is mostly served in taverns, and it’s not considered fast food.


Taramasalata – another great Greek appetizer or meze dish. Often order along with Tzaziki just to have some different taste and also served with pita bread for dipping into to it.  Made from salted and cured fish roe, mixed with olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar.

Moussaka – another one of the most recognized Greek foods. An oven backed minced meat with potatoes and eggplant. Often accompanied by aromatic spices and yogurt on the side. A delicious meal that is a must have (make an excellent lunch choice) when in Greece.


Stuffed grape leaves – Grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs make this dish a delicious appetizer. Another must try when in Greece. This dish is popular in other Balkan countries, and several variations exist including the use of cabbage leaves.

Stuffed grape leaves

Zucchini – oven cooked or fried zucchini slices, served white garlic sauce on the side or at some places with yogurt, is another great appetizer to get you prepared for the real food.

Many other Greek traditional foods also deserve a place on my list, but my that would make it a very very long list. I strongly recommend that you try each and every one of above if you have to get the chance. The people of Greece enjoy white wine in the summer, but when it comes to drinks you MUST have Ouzo, the king of them all! A drink will help you digest better and remember to always consume responsibly! Would you add anything else to my list? Let us know in the comment section below!


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