Top things to do in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the largest islands of the Greek Ionian sea with a square space of 786.6 km². The island offers a bunch of activities and interesting places to visit and explore. We spent there a total of three nights a few years ago and did not managed to do all of the things we had in mind, but we are planing a new visit to summer to finish our bucket list. Without any further ado, here are the top things to do in Kefalonia.

Visit the top beaches of the island - of course, what could be more fun on a Greek island than visiting all of the top beaches? You're right, there isn't any, and that's why our list starts with that. Myrtos, Skala and many other beaches are waiting for you, you can find the all in the post Top beaches of Kefalonia.

Myrtos beach

Visit the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos - many of the Greek islands have monasteries in their premises. Similar to the one on Skiathos, up high in the core of the mountains of Kefalonia lies the monastery of Agios Gerasimos. It's a beautiful gem hidden in Kefalonia and it's a must visit location during your trip there.

Melissani cave - about 5 kilometers northwest from Sami (the main city and port of the island) is located the Mellisani cave. It's a must visit wonder of the Greek island. The cave has a lake with bottom covered with stones and a whole trough which light illuminates the water in the lake. Can be seen from above as well, but also with a boat inside the cave-lake. Unfortunately, I don't have good pictures to show how beautiful this place is, but check out google search results for more details.

Take a boat trip - one of the main and most exciting things that Greek islands offer is daily cruises around the island or even a trip to some nearby smaller islands. I'm a big fan a of boats and those trips are a must do on ANY Greek island. Many are advantages from taking such trip, even better if you can rent your private boat with a captain. With the boat you can go to the many beaches that are not accessible by cars, but not only that, it's a nice way to visit many beaches in one day sailing around the island. And if you dedicate a whole day just for sailing the are many other islands you can go to as well. For example Ithaca or even Zakynthos and Lefkada are on close proximity and can be visited in a day.

Sailboat in Kefalonia

Visit as much as possible of the picturesque cities of Kefalonia - the island is pretty big and visiting all those little gems is almost impossible. Make use of the location of your accommodation and visit at least the near by few cities. All of them have this Greek Mediterranean charm in them, with the little colourful houses. Find a nice tavern down by the sea and have dinner or lunch with a glass of local white wine and enjoy the nice sunny day or if it's dinner and you're in the west shore enjoy the sunset.

a city in Kefalonia

Raise your adrenaline with water sports at Makris Gialos beach - rent a jet ski, water ski, fly fish or a banana, to get your adrenaline high! Ionian sea is not known to have big waves, but still can have some great experience with water sports. Even better, when there are almost no waves you can easily reach high speeds with the jet ski without being too dangerous. The feeling with the wind in your hair with speed over 60 kilometers per hour in open sea on a jet ski is unexplainable.

Jet Ski

I'm sure that there can be many other things that can be done on Kefalonia island. An island with such size certainly offers some hidden gems to we haven't found in just one visit. If you do know some, please share with us in the comments, so we can enjoy them as well on your next trip there this summer.

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