Top things to do in Mykonos

Mykonos island is without a doubt one of the most desirable Greek destinations. Thousands of people visit the island every year. One of the main reasons is that Mykonos offers everything you can think of. We visited back in 2016 and spent a total of 5 days there. For that time we tried to experience everything we could and here is a list of our recommendations.

1. Night life – the number one on our list is there for a reason. If you ever read something about Mykonos you would know that it offers a really wild nightlife. The island has lots of clubs and without a doubt some the craziest parties I’ve seen. It all peaks after midnight, in fact if you try to visit a club in Mykonos before 1 AM you’ll probably end up alone since before that time the party is still at the beach bars, which is the second recommendation on our list.

Night life if Mykonos

2. Beach party – wild as they can be, beach parties in Mykonos start in late afternoon, after 4 PM and end up when everybody leaves, which sometimes happens late after midnight. At the beach you can enjoy cold champagne and a refreshing cocktail. Usually there are professional dancers around, but often when the guests have a little bit more to drink they join them and become equally as good and all in the name of having some great time!

3. Take a boat ride – take a boat ride and explore some of the best beaches of the island. You can also choose to do a day trip to  Delos island, which is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece. Enjoying the sunny weather in open waters is an extremely pleasurable activity.

Boat ride in Mykonos

4. Rent quad bikes – quad bikes are one of my favorite means of transportation when I explore Greek islands. There are many reason why I like riding quad bikes, but I’ll just mention a few here. First of all it’s a great and efficient way to move around the islands and allows you a great deal of flexibility when exploring an island.  Secondly, riding a quad bike in the hot weather is really refreshing, the wind blows in your face and your a dip away from escaping the heats.

Quad bikes in Mykonos

5. Have an evening walk in Mykonos city – after sunset, the lights of the city come to life and white building facades and blue windows seem like they are glowing at night.  You can hear music and many shops are still working and full of visitors.  It’s a nice romantic thing to do when in Mykonso with your significant other.

Mykonos city by night

6. Have a lunch in Little Venice – one of the most popular placed in Mykonos island is little Venice. Located by the seaside, this area is  full of taverns. I would recommend that you have lunch here since later in the evening there are betters things to do as you have read above. Enjoy the splashing sounds of the waves accompanied by some delicious Greek cuisine – a priceless experience.

Lunch in Little Venice Mykonos city

7. Visit Armenistis Lighthouse – an old lighthouse which is not functional nowadays. The reason I’m mentioning this sight is because the view from there is spectacular. When we visited we shot a short timelapse video whilst soaking up the views and observing the cruise ships and ferries sailing in and out of the port. View from Armenistis lighthouse

8. Jet ski – have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski? if you are a fan of water sports and high-adrenaline activities, then riding a jet is a must when on a Greek islands, not only Mykonos but for every single one of them. Not many beaches offer that though. We managed to find a few on the south-east side of the island. The beaches of Elia, Agrari and Kalo Livadi offer jet ski rental.

Vladimir Teodosiev riding get in Mykonos

9. Romantic dinner in the city – I mentioned having a walk late evening and having a dinner in this romantic atmosphere is the perfect way to end one of your nights in Mykonos. Though I was there with my cousin- Vladimir, we did enjoy a great dinner at the old port of the city. Watching the stationed boats and listening to the calm song of the sea whilst drinking some wine is one of my favorite things to do in every Greek islands.

Dinner in Mykonos city old port

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Would you add something more to the list? We want to hear from you, so go ahead and  share your opinion in the comments section below!

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