Top things to do in Rhodes

Rhodes island is quite big, the fourth biggest of all Greek islands to be exact, and as you can imagine there are plenty of things to do around there. Here is my list of top things to do in Rhodes. Some of them are a must do on all Greek islands and others apply to Rhodes island only.

Take a day cruise - this is always the first thing I organize when I visit a new Greek island. You probably wonder why is that? Well a boat ride around the island can give you a different  perspective of what you see everyday, beside that it's a good way to explore most of the beaches and in some cases, the ones that cannot be accessed by car. Not only a day cruise around the island, but also you can take a day cruise to some of it's neighbour islands, like we did. From Rhodes port you can visit Symi island and also Chalki islands. Two smalls but not less attractive islands near Rhodes.

Explore the beaches or Rhodes - Rhodes offers different types of beaches, some of them are rocky and some of them are with the one I like to call silky soft sand. Each of them has its own charms, it's a good idea to visit all of them, well at least most of them. You can find which I liked the most in my Top beaches of Rhodes island post.

Walk the The Valley of the butterflies - if your visit is in late June, July or early August, you can visit the Valley of the Butterflies. Many different species of butterflies can be found there in the middle of the season. It's a perfect activity and fun to do, especially if you are with kids.

Enjoy Rhodes old town - take a walk in the amazing own town of Rhodes. It's a quite big, full of taverns and gift shops, an amazing place to have dinner in the hot summer nights. Walk on the street of knights and enjoy the history of Rhodes. Don't forget to take a walk in the Castle of the Old Town and the Palace of the Grand Master of Knights of Rhodes.

Rhodes old Town

Visit the historical sights of Rhodes - I'm sure that each and everyone is familiar with The Ancient Seven Wonders of the world, which also included Rhodes Colossus. Don't expect to find ruins there, but you can at least take a look around where it was supposed to have been. Not only that, Rhodes has many more historical sights, like Lindos Acropolis and even the old town of Rhodes itself, those are at least the most significant ones you need to see.

Lindos Acropolis

Are you into waters ports? - if you are a fan of waters ports, make sure you visit the beach Prasonisi. This is the place where two seas merge (the Aegean and the Mediterranean), and the funny thing is that one of them is always very calm and the other one has huge (compared for Greece) waves. The beach also offers a beach tavern with tasty food, so don't worry about staying hungry there, you will for sure need to grab a bite to eat after all those activities, so bon appetite.

Kite surf Prasonisi

Visit The Seven Springs - deep in the forests, in the center of the Island of Rhodes are located the Seven Springs, a hidden paradise deep in the island core. Once you've parked your car, head on eco path that leads to the springs. There are two of them, one is passing the forest and the other is much more interesting, if you're not claustrophobic that is, a tunnel, full of water to your ankles that leads directly to the springs. If you're not into that, there's also a nice tavern at the beginning of the eco path, but deep in the forest where you can sit and enjoy the sounds the nature.

Seven Springs Rhodes island

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